We are now well into 2011, and I think that pretty much everybody has finished posting their best of 2010 lists. Well, I figure it’s about time to stop looking back, and start looking forward. To this end, I have put together a list of comic related things that I am looking forward to in [...]

Fall of the Wolfmen is a 70 page comic, written by Dave West, with artwork by Andy Bloor. The title is released by Accent UK, and is a sequel to their 2008 release, The Wolfmen. The title is available to order from http://www.accentukcomics.com/, for the price of £3.90, $5.95, 5 Euros, or 35Kr (Danish). It [...]

I have just been informed by Colin Methieson of Accent UK (see Small Press Spotlight) that Accent’s latest project, Whatever Happened to the World’s Fastest Man (WHTTWFM) was picked up by Diamond Distribution and will be available to order in November 09′s Previews Magazine for shipping in January 2010. No order code has been assigned [...]

Whatever Happened to the World’s Fastest Man? is an upcoming 50-page one-shot from Accent UK. The comic is written by Dave West, with art by Marleen Lowe, and is set to be the first title of the publishers Blessed/Cursed Imprint. Accent UK is a United Kingdom based Indy comics publisher, who I recently profiled in [...]

Western is a new comic anthology title brought to you by Accent UK. Accent UK is a United Kingdom based Indy comics publisher, who I recently profiled in a Small Press Spotlight article. Accent UK have been publishing annual anthologies since 2002, which saw the publication of their first anthology title Remembrance Days. Each year [...]

The Small Press Spotlight is a semi-regular feature on Hypergeek where I dedicate an article to all the excellent small press and indie publishers out there, as well as self-publishing artists. This is accomplished in the form of company/creator profiles, highlights of key works, reviews of the company/individual’s latest releases, and general articles about the [...]

Hello faithful Hypergeek readers! If you dropped by the site today expecting another thrilling Small Press Sunday column, then I am sorry to disappoint I have decided that I am going to do these small press profiles & reviews on a bi-weekly basis, so that I can put the time and effort into them that [...]