We are now well into 2011, and I think that pretty much everybody has finished posting their best of 2010 lists. Well, I figure it’s about time to stop looking back, and start looking forward. To this end, I have put together a list of comic related things that I am looking forward to in [...]

From the press release: DODGEM LOGIC : MISGUIDED UNDERGROUND REVIVAL MAG SOMEHOW REACHES SECOND ISSUE! After the appreciative reception afforded to its premier edition, lauded throughout the gutters of the world, the second issue of Alan Moore’s mystifying new underground publication DODGEM LOGIC is available in early February. Delivering 52 pages of full-colour solid content [...]

As a follow-up to Diamond Distribution’s Top 20 Publishers, Top 300 Comics, and Top 300 TPBs & GNs for November 2009, I have used the raw data to construct the sales charts for small press titles in November 2009. Diamond provided their own small press charts, but I chose to ignore them, for a couple [...]

I received an email update this morning, informing me that the website for Dodgem Logic has launched. The site can be found at http://www.dodgemlogic.com, and contains a variety of entertaining features, such as: An interview with Alan Moore - Discussing the the drive behind the project, the meaning of the title, and all the talented [...]