Geek Girl #0 is a 16-page b&w comic book, written by Sam Johnson, with artwork by Sally Thompson. The comic is released through Fanbabes, and is a prelude to an upcoming four issue miniseries. The Story Geek-Girl tells the story of a girl called Ruby Kaye (no relation), who is an incredibly pretty, and popular [...]

FVZA, or Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, is a three part miniseries written by David Hine, with artwork by Roy Allan Martinez & Wayne Nichols. The series is released by Radical Comics, and is being released in their 64-page prestige format, with 46 pages of story, a trade dress, and a $4.99 price point. FVZA [...]

Today’s guest review is from my good friend, Mo Ali. Mo is a British artist, poet, and Pushcart Prize-nominated author - whose work you may have seen recently on Accent UK’s Western anthology (see here), amongst many other things. Mo has also written non-fiction articles and reviews for publications such as Fractal Matter magazine. To [...]

Stumptown is a brand new ongoing crime series from Oni Press. The series is written and created by Greg Rucka, and marks his first creator-owned comic series since the Eisner award-winning Queen & Country. The artwork on the series is by Mattew Southworth, and is coloured by Lee Loughridge. To see my review of Stumptown [...]

Hercules: The Knives of Kush is the long awaited sequel to Steve Moore’s previous Hercules mini-series ‘The Thracian Wars’. Released through Radical Comics, Hercules: The Knives of Kush, is written by Moore, and features interior artwork by Cris Bolson, and digital colouring by Doug Sirois. ‘The Knives of Kush’ finds Hercules and his band of [...]

Arthur: The Legend Continues is the flagship title from Cosmic Times and the series premiered February 27th 2009 at MegaCon in Orlando. Two issues of the series have been released, and were amongst the comics available as part of the Indy Comic Book Week event, which took place on December 30th, 2009. The series is [...]

FTL #4 is a 35-page, full colour anthology comic (pdf only), brought to you by UK based independent publisher,  Orang Utan Comics. The anthology is edited and designed by Oran Utan co-founder Ian Sharman, and features a  gorgeous fully-painted cover by the amazing Tanzanian artist Azim Akberali. As this is an anthology title, I have [...]

The Waking is an upcoming four-part miniseries from Zenoscope Entertainment. The series is written and created by Raven Gregory, hot off his incredibly successful six-issue miniseries, Escape from Wonderland, being the third and final miniseries in a trilogy that also included Return to Wonderland, and Beyond Wonderland. Known collectively as the Wonderland trilogy, the series [...]

Turbulence is a new comic book series from small press publisher, Ronin Studios. The series is written by Chris Garrett and has artwork by Marilin Vans. Turbulence is a superhero oriented series, which is actually quite rare for a small press title, as they tend to shy away from the territory of the big two. [...]

Ex Occultus is a new ongoing series from Saint James Comics, written by Robert James Russel, with artwork by Sandra Lanz. Ex Occultus is a globetrotting, serialized epic combining elements of Indiana Jones, H. P. Lovecraft and The X-Files as it follows the exploits of adventurer and fortune-hunter Francis Wakefield, the gruff and grizzled Englishman [...]