From the press release: DARK, DIRTY & HAIRY Image Comics collects strange and interesting TANK GIRL one-shots this December Berkeley, CA - 5 October 2021 - Gas up the tank, put your panties on your head, and hold on for dear life — everyone’s favorite postapocalyptic trouble maker gets a brand new stellar collection this [...]

Whaaaaa? Can it be true? If so, back off, she’s mine! From the press release: KO! Weekly magazine has exclusively revealed that Tank Girl and her long-term partner of 22 years, Booga, have split up! Is this the end for the outback dream team? Read more in this sample edition of KO! Weekly magazine:

Titan Comics have released a trailer video for Tank Girl: Bad Wind Rising, a four-issue miniseries by Alan Martin and Rufus Dayglo, which is set to arrive in stores this November! Never read Tank Girl? Not to worry, I mean, I *do* kind of pity you for missing out on tons of great comic stories, [...]

On their production blog, 3A Toys have revealed that,  in partnership with Team Tank Girl (Alan Martin and Rufus Dayglo), they are planning to release a line of Tank Girl figures and other collectibles. As yet they haven’t revealed any specifics of the collection, but expect details to start emerging soon.

Hypergeek favourite artist Leigh Gallagher has recently had his first Judge Dredd strip published in Judge Dredd Megazine #293. The story is titled ‘Dog Soldiers, Part 1‘, and is written by Robbie Morrison, drawn by Leigh, and is coloured by Abigail Ryder (only her second colouring job for 2000 AD/JD Meg). As a special treat, [...]

Occasionally, Tharg permits some of his script & art droids to leave 2000 AD headquarters. In the Weekly Droid Watch, I’m going to be keeping an eye on what present and former droids have been up to each week. 2000 AD droids tend to go on to produce some of the most phenomenal U.S. comics, [...]

Every month when a new copy of Previews Magazine comes out I like to sit down, flick through and see what cool new stuff is coming out. I then add stuff I am interested in to my pull list, trim off a few titles I’m not really enjoying, and shoot an email off to my [...]

San Diego Comic-Con is a hectic media-fest where comics, movies, television, and… well just about every type of media you can imagine collide in an explosion of announcements, movie deals, celebrity appearances, focus panels, signings, and much more. I didn’t even attempt to keep up with the news after Friday, because the hype was overwhelming, [...]