From the press release: This June, acclaimed artist and Eisner Award nominee Michael Lark (Daredevil, Gotham Central) joins the superstar writing team of Peter David & Robin Furth for Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – The Battle Of Tull #1 (of 5). Lark joins the acclaimed team of Peter David, Robin Furth and Richard Isanove in [...]

From the press release: Marvel is pleased to announce the next series in the New York Times best-selling line of Dark Tower adaptations with Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – The Little Sisters Of Eluria! Join renowned scribes Robin Furth and Peter David as they welcome acclaimed artist Luke Ross into the ka-tet of creators entrusted [...]

I’m really looking forward to grabbing this one, on the weekend. The Dark Tower series is one of my favourites of all time, and Sean Phillips is one of favourite comic artists! It’s a marriage made in heaven! From the press release: The Man in Black has laid ruin everything Roland Deschain holds dear and [...]

From the press release: Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – The Journey Begins #1 Launches This May! Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – The Journey Begins #1 Launches This May! The Man in Black has laid ruin everything Roland Deschain holds dear and this May, the Lone Gunslinger embarks on an all-new quest to avenge his fallen [...]

As a massive fan of both The Dark Tower and Sean Phillips‘ wonderful artwork, this is some fantastic news! I really liked Jae Lee’s depiction of Mid-World, but I just can’t wait to see how Sean Philips draws Roland’s world. I had actually assumed that the series would come to an end after the team [...]

Marvel Comics have provided Hypergeek with a six-page preview of The Dark Tower: The Battle of Jericho Hill #1 (of 5). This is the one that fans of the Dark Tower series have been waiting for! Gilead has fallen, and Roland’s Ka-Tet are heading toward their infamous last stand on Jericho Hill! This is the [...]

Constant Readers of Hypergeek probably know that I am borderline obsessive about Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. In fact, on my recent trip home to the UK I made sure to bring back all of my first edition limited release hardcovers of the original series, with hand-sewn binding… all packed in bubble wrap of course! [...]

Marvel Comics just sent Hypergeek a Seven Page Preview of Dark Tower: Fall of Gilead #5, on sale today (Wednesday, September 30th, 2009.) Marvel did not issue any other weekly preview this week, so I assume this special preview is to encourage readers to pick up the series. Indeed, Dark Tower: The Fall of Gilead [...]

Every month when a new copy of Previews Magazine comes out I like to sit down, flick through and see what cool new stuff is coming out. I then add stuff I am interested in to my pull list, trim off a few titles I’m not really enjoying, and shoot an email off to my [...]

Hypergeek’s Hot Picks is a weekly column on the site, where I take a look through the list of comics being released that week, and decide which ones I think are worth picking up. I then pick out the comics which I am most looking forward to, and tell readers why I think they will [...]