San Diego Comic-Con is a hectic media-fest where comics, movies, television, and… well just about every type of media you can imagine collide in an explosion of announcements, movie deals, celebrity appearances, focus panels, signings, and much more.
I didn’t even attempt to keep up with the news after Friday, because the hype was overwhelming, and [...]

Those boys at Marvel had this announcement planned out pretty tight! I just got sent over the following Press official release from  Arune Singh Marvel’s Manager of Sales Communications:

Marvelman Now A Part of Marvel Comics!

The biggest news of Comic Con International in San Diego was revealed moments ago and jaws are still on the [...]

Marvel Just announced at the ‘Cup o’ Joe’ Panel at San Diego Comic-Con that they have acquired that rights to begin publishing Marvelman comics!
Quesada stated that “Marvelman belongs to Marvel”, indicating that the company purchased the character from creator Mick Anglo, a process that started in 2007 thanks to word from Neil Gaiman. “Mick is [...]