DC Reveals Andy Kubert’s Flashpoint Character Designs for Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the Canterbury Cricket


Last week for Flashpoint Friday, DC showed fans a number of Jim Lee and Andy Kubert’s character designs for some of the new characters to appear in Flashpoint (see here). This week, they’ve revealed an in-depth look at Kubert’s designs for the Flashpoint versions of Aquaman and Wonder Woman, as well as a look at a new character called the Canterbury Cricket. Check them out below, along with Kubert’s design notes:

Wonder Woman

“When Geoff and I were going over the characters and their backgrounds for the Flashpoint series, he told me that Wonder Woman would be wearing medieval armor and that it’s an integral part of her background story (she leads an army!). I LOVE drawing armor. I immediately knew what she should look like and the attitude I wanted to give her was akin to the Ripley character Sigourney Weaver played in the Alien movies. And I wanted to put her in a helmet but not make the helmet too knight-ish but something that would be a bit more appropriate for her at the time Flashpoint was taking place. After the sketch was completed, I sent it to Geoff, Eddie and Adam Schlagman for approval and feedback. They loved it, but what they really liked was the helmet which now has a great back story that goes along with it (which they would clobber me for if I spoiled it here).”


“What you’re looking at is probably my very first drawing of Aquaman. For Flashpoint, he’s military, tough and rugged with a scar on his face. You can see a lot of Sgt. Rock in his look…but that’s probably in my genes! I gave him the buzzcut to help with his background and decided to keep the trident like the original one…why mess with a good thing? The fins on his boots in this sketch didn’t make the final cut for the series. I like the take no prisoner attitude that he portrays since that’s his character. Someday, I’d love to take a crack at a hard-hitting mini-series with him. There’s so much visual that can be done with underwater techniques.”

The Canterbury Cricket

“I had no idea who or what this was…but he’s in the story. Geoff described him as a humanoid insect along the lines of…a cricket. I researched crickets, bugs and arachnids which are all cut-throat nasty little creatures but crickets in general are really not that menacing looking. They have big, round eyes that are soulful (to me, anyway). I tried to give him a bit of an attitude with some heavy, pointed brows along with some rigid body armor. A couple of spiky things off of his long, skinny arms and elbows, legs and anywhere else I thought worked. All this stuff brings out the fighter in him. Also an ultra thin thorax type of waist and I thought always being in a crouched position would be a good character niche. Canterbury is also pretty short…maybe about 4 feet tall. Lots of spots on him as I picture his color scheme to being like a just pulled from the ocean lobster.”

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