Mike Mignola to Return to Full-Time Art Duties on Hellboy!


The big news out of Emerald City Comicon this weekend was the fact that Guy Davis is stepping down as the regular artist of B.P.R.D., to be replaced by newcomer Ryan Crook (see here for more).

Well, something else that was announced during the B.P.R.D. panel, but seems to have been overlooked by most news sites, is the fact that Mike Mignola also announced during the panel that will return to being the regular artist on Hellboy! Mignola stated that he would go back to drawing the title next month, but that we would not start to see those issues in comic shops until some time in 2012.

This is pretty huge news for fans of Mignola’s artwork because Mignola hasn’t been the regular artist on the book since 2007, when Duncan Fegredo took over art duties.

Stay tuned for more news, but I don’t imagine we’ll hear anything concrete for some months.

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