Kate Kane to Leave the Pages of Detective Comics, and Greg Rucka & JH Williams III to Start a New Batwoman Title in 2010!


In an interview with John Siuntres at Wordballoon.com, Greg Rucka has revealed that he will stop writing the Batwoman story in Detective Comics with issue #863.

Today (December 23rd, 2009), will see the release of Detective Comics #860, which is the final installment of Rucka and JH Williams III’s critically acclaimed Batwoman origin story. This issue also marks the final issue of Williams’ run on the series, before Jock comes on to illustrate issues #861 - #863 (see here).

It’s not all bad news though, as Rucka also announced that he and Williams will be reuniting in Late 2010 to start a new Batwoman title, which will continue the treads of story that the team developed in this epic run on Detective Comics.

In the interview, Rucka states that the reason for this decision, is that while the initial plan had been for 12 issues of his and Williams’ Batwoman story to be told in the pages of Detective Comics, for a variety of reasons in-house, that just wasn’t possible. So, they decided to take the last five parts of the story, and tell them later in 2010 in the pages of a new title. The new series won’t break straight into the continuing story though, as Rucka plans to do a different story for the first issue, so as to allow people who haven’t read their run on Detective Comics to come in blind and still be satisfied.

Greg also mentions that he does not yet know whether he will be leaving Detective Comics with the departure of Batwoman from its pages, and that there has been some talk of him sticking around to tell tales involving different characters. However, this decision is still up in the air, and Rucka says that it depends very much on his other commitments.

He also confirms, as previously mentioned by Dan Didio (see here), that regardless of whether he stays on the main title, the Question co-feature will continue.

To listen to the full interview head over to the always excellent Wordballoon.com

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