DC Confirms JH Williams’ Ongoing Batwoman Series! No Rucka??!!


DC today confirmed the fact they would soon be launching an ongoing Batwoman series, which is set to be both written and drawn by JH Williams III. Williams will be joined by co-writer W. Haden Blackman on the title, and the second arc of the series will be illustrated by Amy Reeder.

This is all well and good, but what the hell happened to Greg Rucka? Williams’ artwork is pretty and all, but I’m really not interested in this book without Rucka’s involvement… *sigh* another potentially great series turns into a disappointment… nice work DC!

What’s with all this artists turning writers business? What next, Tony Daniel writing Batman? Oh whoops, you already did that, and it sucked balls. Sort it out!

For more, head over to the DCU blog

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3 Responses to “DC Confirms JH Williams’ Ongoing Batwoman Series! No Rucka??!!”
  1. TopJack says:

    A disappointment? You haven’t even read it. It hasn’t even been written!

    Like hyperbole much?

  2. Edward Kaye says:

    Oh no, I said something rude about DC. Oh my god, I’m glad someone stepped up and defended them! Big two comics just don’t get the respect they deserve!

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