Twittering Away! 29-July-08


This broke for a while, and now seems to be sending at the wrong time, hopefully it will work properly soon

Keep up with my sad Twitter life:

11:11 @johnreppion Surely Tea should be on the To Do list itself. I find it impossible to accomplish anything without regular tea intake #

11:12 @templesmith CNN? We had Anderson Cooper at our lab a few months back, he was a grade A tool! #

12:43 @dlmacpherson no injuries reported, apparently. It was 5.6, which is classified as moderate. Hopefully everyone is OK #

13:03 @pauljholden BK again? As bad as that show sounds, I think I might have to download an episode, just to see for my self #

14:00 @Remender Holy cow that @tonymoore cover is amazing! I can’t believe Exterminators just finished, I’ve only been reading for 2 months. D’oh! #

14:03 to all my scrabulous buddies: now that facebook has banned the app, go to for some more arse kicking! #

16:29 @leahmoore @johnreppion Tattoo came out last week, but popgun isn’t out till this Wednesday. Direct, book shops take another month #

16:36 @raymondconlon yeah, that is quite common I think #

16:37 @raymondconlon just little sketches to show panel outlay and rough positioning of characters etc #

19:56 @jamessime Wahoo, a fellow tequila drinker, it’s the only spirit I actually enjoy. I have it every night. Nice choice! #

22:14 oh CBC what a show idea: take one gay priest and make him live for a week with a super conservative Christian family. Oh the fun! #

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