Twittering Away! 05-August-08


Keep up with my sad Twitter life:

08:23 Dear brain, why will you not kick in this morning. I think you might operate slower the hotter the temperature is. #

08:26 @sispurrier there was a free open-air Feist concert in my town last night, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of British Columbia #

08:30 @rickiep00h I must obey! #

09:04 @Spiraltwist Because all professors are sadistic, evil and twisted. They like to taunt you and drive you insane. #

09:47 @templesmith Agreed! Though I don’t plan on getting porn downloads from twitter anyway ;-P #

09:52 @richjohnston I back you up 100% on the health care issue, how could people complaint? That is mind-boggling, I was chatting about this #

09:53 @richjohnston with templesmith last night. Many Americans take it as an insult when you complain about the healthcare system, they seem #

09:54 @richjohnston to think universal healthcare is the first step on the road to communism. Morons! #

09:59 @Christo70 sorry, I missed your reply there. Twitter is odd sometimes. I’ve not tried any of Landsdale’s novels. I’ll have to get one! #

10:19 now my blog has started to receive lots of traffic, do I have to be more interesting??? #

10:35 @Christo70 I’ll be sure to get one. On a big novel binge ATM. Supposed to be cutting back, just bought a house, but screw the mortgage #

10:50 @Christo70 Thanks for the tip! #

10:54 @pauljholden ohhh, the weekly BK update. I look forward to it ;-P #

11:14 @ptimony @BenMcCool Profanisaurus? Is that that little swearword book that Viz put out years ago?? How do i remember that? #

11:29 @BenMcCool I haven’t read Viz for about 10 years. My brother and I had the game on the Amiga. You had to do stuff like bounce around on.. #

11:29 @BenMcCool Buster gonads big bollocks. Great fun #

12:59 @leahmoore The guy downstairs from us used to Kylie Minogue, James and other crap till 4 am My wife called the police on him, problem gone! #

13:52 @rickiep00h It still sounds better than the crap fest that was St. Anger though #

14:00 Todays blog: If Alex Ross always uses real people as models. How did his obama shirt end up looking like goatse??? #

14:33 @rickiep00h Ahh, I don’t have the Vinyl, the terrible drumming on st. Anger give me a headache. #

14:35 @richjohnston I’ve got your back It’s all getting a little political this week. I had to have a rant #

14:49 @rickiep00h That could be fun. Have you heard the cover album where the drums are replaced by a metal chair. Hilarious! #

19:45 @templesmith RE: first cow milking Just saw this on T.V. #

19:45 The HOTTEST event this summer: #

20:11 @tonymoore I’m pretty such those bugs are just getting revenge on you #

22:38 @mattfraction Hahaha, don’t breath the air dude!!! #

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