Twittering Away! 04-August-08


Keep up with my sad Twitter life:

01:01 @rickiep00h No disassemble! #

01:06 @pauljholden I love Al Ewing. Dead Signal was great, and Tempest was hilarious! I just ordered El Sombra, the book he did on Abaddon #

01:07 @pauljholden I’m doing a big order of books and Dredd/Nemesis/SD collections from the UK. The distribution over here sucks #

01:09 says X-Files 2 played like a forgettable monster-of-the-week episode. It had no ending, just sputtered out like an old junker car. So sad #

03:18 @jasonaaron I just read Hellblazer #246, and I really enjoyed it. It was a good story, and you got the lingo down just right. Nice Work! #

13:53 @BrianLynch Being a diiiiiiirty little slut???? #

13:55 Morning to t’internet! I plan to spend the day completely naked. Please ask if you want my webcam turned on!!! #

14:01 @BenMcCool You mean HSM3 - It looks totally rad! Whatevs to all da haters!! #

14:02 @johnreppion do they still have the paperclip on Word? Time to give him the finger! #

14:09 @templesmith Art without suffering? Will your next book be a kids story? Teddy Bears, flowers, happy ponies? #

14:12 @mckelvie What a dick! You should insist on getting them re-adjusted for free #

14:14 is surprisingly not overwhelmed by naked webcam requests. I can do star jumps for your viewing enjoyment! #

14:20 @cascio most peoples are uneven. Just one of the beautiful imperfections of the human body #

14:23 @leahmoore hahahahahahah! Sorry about that! I’m in a strange mood today. It’s a bank holiday, yay! #

14:46 @rickiep00h Listening to a little bit of Rush? Working man is a classic! #

15:08 @richjohnston so, many complaints about the Goatse link yet???? Hahah! #

15:09 @phonogramcomic Is Lauren Laverne still a public figure over there? #

15:46 @wilw My wife is trying t get me back into D&D. I think she might be planning to have an affair while I am off slaying orcs #

15:47 @templesmith Would you sign my body parts if I severed them and sent them to you?! #

16:06 says Happy Birthday to British Columbia. Enjoy you free Feist/Sarah McClaughlan concert downtown. #

16:12 @khuxford Nice job, what you off to see? #

16:31 @wilw @chrishanel Twitter D&D could actually work out really well. What a great idea! #

16:55 @swierczy I hope you mean the comic. I have a dirty mind #

17:11 Support the CBLDF and Hero Initiative, new article on my blog #

18:52 @dlmacpherson Sweet! Do you have pictures of your mullet??? #

19:14 @dlmacpherson Looking pretty cool my friend! There is a hint of party in the back #

19:16 @dlmacpherson This was my college days: #

19:16 @leahmoore I hope that doesn’t mean you don’t normally wash it #

19:17 I can hear the free Feaist concert in my living room, it is 2km away. Very annoying! #

19:21 It is so hot that my flesh just set on fire. I better go water the plants before the shrivel up and die… #

20:36 @rickiep00h you lost me on the cybernetic prosthetics. #

20:37 @mckelvie I agree, I didn’t see that one coming a all #

20:38 @remender RE: new Avatar. You’re looking very sharp there! #

21:01 shocked at what he just read in LITG, after writing this blog entry earlier (was going to post it a couple of days ago) #

21:12 @rickiep00h Ahhhhhhh, now I get it I’d love to turn up at work like that, a bit like Chad Vader #

21:12 @templesmith important question: did you give him any money though, or just ignore the holy sign and move on???? #

21:19 Watch as I spoil DC’s next big resurrection Comic creators beware, I might figure out YOUR plot next!!! Bwahaha! #

21:25 @templesmith Very rational thinking Bwhaha! #

21:37 @Remender I don’t even know what "ganking" is #

21:41 @templesmith ohhhhh, but a Universal health system would make you all commies like us Canadians #

21:58 @templesmith I’ve just never gotten the mentality. It just increases the rich/poor divide. The poor to get sick and.. don’t get me started.. #

22:28 can hear Feist singing the 1234 song drifting up on the evening wind from downtown #

22:31 @templesmith what the heck are you sketching that you can get them down so fast? Commissions? #

22:50 @templesmith ahh right then. Did you read this news (thought you would be interested) #

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