Twittering Away! 01-August-08


Keep up with my sad Twitter life:

07:38 needs to go back to bed. I should have left for work 45 minutes ago, whoops! #

09:33 @warrenellis Great episode of FreakAngels this week. It cheered up my dull morning. Thanks for that! #

09:37 anyone know anything about quantifying Telomer alcohols. I can’t get the sensitivity on my Mass Spectrometer. I want to go home! #

10:06 @BrianReed $3.73? Try moving to Canada, or better still the UK. You will acquire a new found appreciation for US fuel prices #

10:20 @dlmacpherson Looking at Sarah Wilkinson’s SDCC pics, and came across this. Thought you might like it (lucky man!) #

10:54 @templesmith @dlmacpherson Being in Canada, and not feeling the direct effects, I’m finding the media coverage of the elections amusing. #

11:15 @Remender That’s not the future, THAT IS NOW! AGRHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH! Blam! (gunshot to head) #

11:16 @dlmacpherson I feel the same way about my wife. Which you know obviously, you are a member of the fan club and all #

11:51 @templesmith I saw that episode. Screwed up. neo cons=liberals. What now? #

13:05 @sispurrier Hah! Tequila, it make you happy… #

13:25 @ohiorenee Thanks for the cafepress info. I had no idea about that. It shouldn’t surprise me, their merchandise is pretty shoddy anyway #

13:27 @muraii @templesmith Sad as it is, good politics doesn’t equal=interesting politics now. We love the US freak show. Canadian politics=yawn #

13:43 @muraii thats very true. How long till the advent of viral politics??? Hah! #

13:45 @templesmith I’m guessing you HAVE seen Spaceballs: The Movie #

14:06 @andydiggle Red or Green. I prefer Red. So damn tasty! #

16:36 @mckelvie @wilw I love it when people do that to completely inappropriate music, like say… didio. Hilarious #

16:38 @templesmith Can.not.wait.for.that. If you feel left out, I CAN send you a death threat…. oh, I’ll just send another to Geoff Johns #

16:39 @dlmacpherson Have fun #

16:47 @mckelvie I know you like Feist. I thought you might find this interesting. It is the 150th anniversary of British Columbia on Monday, so… #

16:49 @mckelvie in my town they are doing a free show on the grounds of the legislative building. Feist, and Sarah Mclachlan. I reckon it is… #

16:50 @mckelvie gonna be pretty damn busy. No idea how they booked her now she is a mega-star #

16:54 @dlmacpherson I’m sure you’ll be fine buddy. you noticing any benefits from the walking yet? I cycle to work now, and I’ve not lost a pound! #

18:20 Finds himself at work at 18:30 on a Friday night, facing a 30km bike ride home, but you know what, IT’S A LONG WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #

21:04 @dlmacpherson That is amazing man! A true accomplishment. I feel pretty ashamed now. Especially since I just ate Ice cream for desert #

21:05 @dlmacpherson I seem to be able to do the excersize, but the diet part, no so much. You should trademark the McPherson plan!! #

21:10 @templesmith Ben, you are the most amusing person on twitter. You always seem to bring a smile to my face with your randomness #

21:31 @dlmacpherson ahhh, now I know the secret! I am too weak. Day job blues Stone??? You cheeky son of a…. #

21:33 Just wrote 2 pages of a comic I felt he just HAD to write. This is good. I doubt I will sleep tonight. Most excited I have been in a while #

23:16 @davidbishop Can’t it be both? #

23:19 @BrianLynch Haha, you should have taken one of your books, rubbed their faces in it, and said NOW THAT’S A VAMPIRE BOOK KIDDIES! #

23:20 @PAPPADEMAS That LAPD quote was possibly the funniest moment in comedic history #

23:21 has about 30 tabs open, too much net, too little time. This is my Friday night? That is just sad… #

23:36 @khuxford gulp! Especially considering this is the beta of 3.0 for the mac #

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