Twittering Away! 03-August-08


Keep up with my sad Twitter life:

04:20 @bclaymoore X-Men retreat should be in Victoria B.C. next year (my town) - it is where the X-mansion is in the movies!! #

04:24 @wilw Nice Holy Grail reference, you silly english k-nig-ht!!! #

04:27 @khuxford Damn that was bad! I remember the green laser lipstick! You know Abrams and Lindlof bought the Dark Tower rights? Sweet! #

04:30 It seems clubs are still packed to the brim full of wankers! Glad I chose the geek lifestyle. Less half naked ladies though #

04:41 @BenMcCool I wish your bio said "I’m an Alien, I’m a legal Alien, I’m an Englishman in New York" - That would make me smile #

05:27 at the club I thought it was a great idea to have two cans of red bull instead of another beer. Still awake at 5:30a.m.=tragic mistake #

06:45 7 a.m.?????? Time to go to bed. Crap! #

18:10 @khuxford RE:langorliers, the laser lipstick was Tommyknockers, getting confused #

18:11 @khuxford RE: Shining, yeah, that was a good movie, he made his own film based on the central concepts. Kubrick was a genius though #

18:12 @khuxford RE: Dark Tower. They are huge fans though. King actually acted as a consultant for the last 3 seasons of Lost. If you look.. #

18:13 @khuxford ..there are several references to the Dark Tower mythos in lost. The numbers, Charlie is thought to be based on Eddie Dean #

18:14 @khuxford Noz-o-la cola appears in the episode where they find the ballon. Homefully they can do it justice. Also, King sold the rights for #

18:14 @khuxford the movie for $19. If you’ve read the books, you’ll get the reference #

18:15 Off out for dinner and to see the X-Files 2. Watch Short Circuit earlier. Johnny 5 is alive!!!! #

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