Great news, US based Terrans! Rebellion announced this morning that 2000 AD is set to become a weekly title in the US market. Currently, copies of 2000 AD are only available in one-month bagged batches through Diamond Distribution, which cost around $25 for four to five issues! However, as of the next Diamond Previews catalogue, [...]

From the press release: Red planet destination for new Solaris novel Champion of Mars, a new novel by British science-fiction writer Guy Haley, has become the latest acquisition by Solaris. Champion of Mars is a novel truly vast in scope and charts the troubled history of the red planet over millennia. It will be published [...]

OK, these photos actually came out back in November, but somehow, I seem to have missed the news. As big a Dredd fan as I am, that sounds unbelievable, but there you go! I discovered them this week, because someone asked me where I bought my replica Dredd helmet from, and I couldn’t remember the [...]

A new shot has surfaced online, from the Cape Town set of the upcoming Dredd movie. This shot doesn’t really reveal too much, and just shows us what looks to be a few Justice Department trucks. I thought I’d post it though, because I know all the 2000 AD fanatics, like myself, are desperate for [...]

An interview with British writer Al Ewing, discussing his work in comics, as well as his prose work for Abaddon books.

Over on the forums, a user has posted an image taken on the set of the upcoming movie “Dredd“, which began filming last month in Cape Town, South Africa. The image shows a Megacity Judge, in full uniform, riding on a Judge’s Lawmaster bike! The image is generated mixed reactions from fans, with some [...]

Whoa! I clearly wasn’t paying attention earlier this week, when I posted the list of Free Comic Book Day 2011 Silver titles. If I was, I would have noticed that there was a 2000 AD title in the list! I believe this may very well be the first time that 2000 AD have participated in [...]

Rebellion have released a teaser image for Numbercruncher, a new series by Simon Spurrier and PJ Holden, which is set to start in Judge Dredd Megazine #306. The series will be told in 8 page chunks, which will be spread over 10 issues of the Megazine. For more info, see here. If you live in [...]

As filming of Dredd is now well underway, down in South Africa, several shots have begun to surface around the intent, showing set pieces and vehicles being used in the filming of the movie. Many of the shots are taken on location at the Cape Town Civic Centre. A bunch have surfaced over on the [...]

Damn you Millar! Now I REALLY want to go to Kapow! Comic Con. It seems that during the con, they will be showing the very first footage from Dredd, the upcoming movie based on the Judge Dredd strip from 2000 AD. Anyone who reads this site know that I eat, sleep, and breathe 2000 AD, [...]