2000 AD to Debut New Three-Part Thrills in Prog 1740!


2000 AD announced today that next week’s Prog 1740 will debut a new three-part story format called the 3riller! Similar in format to the comic’s long-running Future Shocks format, the format looks like a great way to bring new readers on board, as they won’t have to have read years worth of stories to know what is going on.

As Prog 1740 is set to debut this new format, and the first parts of many other new Thrills, it’s set to be a great jumping on point for new readers. I’ll be sure to have a review of the issue up next week!

Find out more below:

The best thrills come in threes

Award-winning British comic 2000 AD® is unveiling a new kind of thrills for a new generation: Tharg’s 3rillers.

Three-part, self-contained stories, Tharg’s 3rillers debut in Prog 1740, hitting shops in the UK on 29 June and the US in the 2000 AD June pack from Diamond.

The first 3riller is The Silver-Tongued Exploits of Cosmo Nibs, written by Tom Eglington and drawn by Hitman and The Boys artist John McCrea. When second-rate grifter Cosmo Nibs gets his hands on a voice chip that enables him to persuade people of anything he says, he leaves behind him a string of cons, scams and swindled fiancées. But a shadowy organisation has plans for Cosmo…

Following Cosmo Nibs in Prog 1743 will be supernatural crime 3riller Six Brothers, scripted by Alec Worley and drawn by Mike Dowling (Rex Royd), and in Prog 1746 it will be the turn of SF war story Wolves, written by Arthur Wyatt and illustrated by Steve Yeowell (Zenith, The Invisibles).

Matt Smith, editor of 2000 AD, said:

2000 AD is already known for its legendary Future Shocks, the short-form one-off stories on which writers such as Alan Moore, Grant Morrison and Peter Milligan cut their teeth.

Tharg’s 3rillers are a new evolution in the kind of stories we can tell – self-contained tales of any genre, not tied to thirty-odd years of backstory but immediately accessible to any reader.

“As an anthology title, there’s always something for everyone in 2000 AD and Tharg’s 3rillers promise to keep the thrills coming for a new generation.”

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