Things You Need to See: Johnny Ryan’s New Cover for Prison Pit 3


Last year, shortly before the publication of Prison Pit 2, Johnny Ryan sent Fantagraphics the cover to Prison Pit 3. FB shared this on their FLOG! blog, and it is also being used as the book’s cover on and other online outlets. However, now that Johnny has pretty much finished up drawing the book, I guess he has changed his mind about the cover, because he has just shared a new cover for the book on his personal Facebook page.

I have posted both images below, so you can see the difference. I like them both, but the new one is a little more subtle. Hmm… subtle is not usually a word you would associate with Johnny Ryan!

Update: I asked Johnny why he changed the cover, and he told me that the guy who was on the cover wound up being a lot more fucked up looking in the book, so he had to change it.

Old Cover:


New Cover:

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