Brimstone #5 Michael Lent & Brian McCarthy (W) Hyunsang Michael Cho (A) Cover A Anthony Spay  As dusk falls, fleshwalkers continue to swarm and attack. When one of the remaining group is bitten but doesn’t immediately transform, they all must decide what to do as they attempt to survive the night…What if what you fear [...]

WITCHBLADE #150 story RON MARZ art STJEPAN SEJIC cover A STJEPAN SEJIC cover B MICHAEL BROUSSARD cover C MIKE CHOI cover D MICHAEL TURNER SEPTEMBER 28 48 PAGES / FC / T $4.99 END OF AN ERA! WITCHBLADE reaches its momentous one hundred-fiftieth issue! The series reaches another landmark as longtime writer RON MARZ and artist [...]

ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST #2 (A) ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST #2 (B) Written by Chris Roberson Drawn by rancesco Biagini SC, 24 pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99 Diamond Code: JUN110937 Signs continue to appear throughout the Multiverse that the Cosmic Balance is in peril, and the Eternal Champion is caught in the cross-hairs! Across worlds, Elric, [...]

Justice League Solicits: JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 Written by GEOFF JOHNS Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS 1:25 Variant cover by DAVID FINCH RETROSOLICITED • On sale AUGUST 31 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US RATED T • Combo pack edition: $4.99 US Comics superstars Geoff Johns and Jim Lee make history! In [...]

Brimstone Issue #4: River of Black Blood Brian McCarthy & Michael Lent (W) Hyunsang Michael Cho (A) Cover A Anthony Spay The Viper leads a trio into the darkness where armies of flesh-walkers will ambush them amid gleaming caverns of gold. Their escape is nothing short of miraculous, but the three do not go unscathed. [...]

THE INFINITE #1 – GEM OF THE MONTH story ROBERT KIRKMAN art / covers ROB LIEFELD 1:25 incentive cover ROB LIEFELD 1:50 incentive cover ROB LIEFELD & TODD McFARLANE Blank sketch variant cover also available. SEE ORDER FORM FOR MORE DETAILS! AUGUST 3 32 PAGES / FC / T $2.99 Freedom fighter Bowen has lost [...]

THE MISADVENTURES OF ADAM WEST #2 Writers: Reed Lackey Pencils: Russell Dauterman Cover Artist(s): COVER A)_Russell Dauterman COVER B Lipe Price $3.99 Nearly driving off a cliff after finding himself once again young and vibrant, Adam West discovered he had somehow been transported inside the screenplay for an espionage thriller. After the true nature of [...]

Angel returns! ANGEL AND FAITH #1 Christos Gage (W), Rebekah Isaacs (A), Steve Morris (Cover), Jo Chen (Variant cover), Georges Jeanty (25th anniversary cover), and Dan Jackson (C) On sale Aug 31 FC, 40 pages $2.99 Ongoing Left in a near-catatonic state following the events in Buffy Season 8, Angel will need a seriously rude [...]

From the press release: BOOM! Studios April Previews for June Shipping 2011 28 DAYS LATER #24 Written by Michael Alan Nelson Drawn by Alejandro Aragon SC, 32 pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99 Diamond Code: APR110861 LAST ISSUE! This is it, people. Selena and Clint’s long journey is coming to an end…and you know endings in the [...]

The following items will be solicited in the May 2011 issue of Previews catalog, with a shipping date of July 2011. THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN (VOL III): CENTURY #2 (OF 3): “1969″ by Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill - ISBN 978-1-60309-006-3 - an 80-pg full-color gn - $9.95 (US) The League is back! Our [...]