From the press release: “Wrath of the Titans: Revenge of Medusa” makes a triumphant return to Bluewater Productions. Packed with more monsters, more action and more thrilling adventures, the sequel is guaranteed to be just as thrilling as the original series. The sequel is based off the sold out comic book series “Ray Harryhausen Presents” [...]

From the press release: 50 CENT UNVEILS HIS SECRET IDENTITIES IN BLUEWATER COMIC BIOGRAPHY Catapulted from the underground New York rap scene to a multi-platinum recording artist, 50 Cent reveals his many identities in an upcoming Bluewater Productions biography comic book based on his life and career. Scheduled for an July 2011 release, “Fame: 50 [...]

From the press release: “RAIN” STARTS TO FALL IN JULY, THE PREQUEL TO THE HIT “VSS” SERIES Bluewater Comics’ hit comic book series “Victoria’s Secret Service,” is coming back this winter with a brand new ongoing series. In July, readers can get their fill in a brand new prequel to VSS called “RAIN”. In this [...]

THE MISADVENTURES OF ADAM WEST #2 Writers: Reed Lackey Pencils: Russell Dauterman Cover Artist(s): COVER A)_Russell Dauterman COVER B Lipe Price $3.99 Nearly driving off a cliff after finding himself once again young and vibrant, Adam West discovered he had somehow been transported inside the screenplay for an espionage thriller. After the true nature of [...]

From the press release: OBAMA, PALIN, CLINTON & BECK ARE “SUPER FRIENDS” IN NEW GRAPHIC NOVELS; WHILE BECK BOOK SELL OUT Glenn Beck might have stepped away from his television bully pulpit on Fox, but that didn’t dissuade readers from selling out the recent Bluewater-published biography comic based on his life and career. “Political Power: [...]

Wow! That really doesn’t look like Donald Trump! From the press release: TRUMP’S LARGER THAN LIFE PERSONA CARRIES A NEW BIOGRAPHY COMIC He seems to be everywhere: on television, in book stores and most recently, elbowed his way into the current political morass. But whether he’s “firing” reality contestants, running a billion dollar corporation, picking [...]

From the press release: NEW COVER REVEALED FOR ROYAL WEDDING GRAPHIC NOVEL FEATURING CATHERINE IN WEDDING DRESS Bluewater is revealing the new cover to the “The Royals: Prince William and Catherine Middleton” graphic novel featuring the couple in their wedding attire. The special collector’s edition graphic novel of Bluewater Productions biography comic featuring the royal [...]

Don’t even ask what I think of this Royal Wedding bollocks! From the press release: ROYAL WEDDING GRAPHIC NOVEL SELLS OUT IN HOURS, COMIC BOOK VERSION STILL AVAILABLE The special collector’s edition graphic novel of Bluewater Productions biography comic featuring the royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton has sold out mere hours after its [...]

From the press release: FUNNY MAN IN THE FUNNY PAPERS: GEORGE CARLIN FEATURED IN NEW COMIC BOOK George Carlin’s cynical bite, envelope–pushing humor and love affair for language influenced practically every comedian for the past two generations and his legacy, illustrated in an upcoming Bluewater Productions biography comic on his life, firmly places him as [...]

Solicitations for Bluewater Productions releases set to Ship in July 2011: RAIN #1 SRP: $3.99 Writer: Nick Lyons Pencils: Sean Lee Cover Artist(s): Cover A) Michael Mayne, Cover B) Dan Glasl In issue one of four of this mini-series prequel to Bluewater Comics’ hit series “Victoria’s Secret Service,” readers are introduced to the sexy, skilled [...]