From the press release: BOOM! Studios April Previews for June Shipping 2011 28 DAYS LATER #24 Written by Michael Alan Nelson Drawn by Alejandro Aragon SC, 32 pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99 Diamond Code: APR110861 LAST ISSUE! This is it, people. Selena and Clint’s long journey is coming to an end…and you know endings in the [...]

THE SECRET HISTORY: GAMES OF CHANCE #1 (OF 5) Retail Price: $5.95 U.S. Page Count: 48 pages Format: perfect bound, 6.875” x 10.25”, full color Written by Jean-Pierre Pécau Illustrated by Damien Cover by Damien Pandora. In this spinoff to the critically acclaimed series, THE SECRET HISTORY, the great game of the Archons and their [...]

Animal Planet’s Worlds Most Dangerous Animals Written by Joe Brusha, Neo Edmund, Barbara Randall Kesel, Paul Kupperberg, Aaron Rosenberg and Darren Vincenzo Grizzly Bears, giant Salt Water Crocodiles, rogue Lions… we don’t occupy a place on their list of usual prey items and rarely do we cross paths with these deadly predators. Still, on occasion, [...]

30 Days of Night: Night, Again #2 (of 4) Joe Lansdale (w) • Sam Kieth (a & c) After a strange party of half-starved wanderers make their way to the weather-changing station, it is soon learned they they’ve created their own bloody swath across the icy wastelands of the Antarctic while being pursued by rabid [...]

ARCHIE ARCHIVES VOLUME 2 Various (W/A) On sale Aug 17 FC, 232 pages $49.99 HC, 7″ x 10″   The funniest and most anticipated archive series of the year continues this summer with Archie Archives Volume 2 from Dark Horse! Gas up your jalopy and run a comb through that wild hair—Archie, Jughead, and the [...]

Solicitations for Bluewater Productions releases set to Ship in June 2011: 10th Muse: The Beginning (graphic novel) Author(s): Wolfman (Teen Titans, creator or Marvel’s Blade) Artist(s): Ken Lashley (DC’s Flash, Top Cow artist) Cover Artist(s): 1 cover: Ken Lashley and JD Smith ISBN: 978-1450749237 This is the 1st time these issues have been collected since [...]