From the press release: “RAIN” STARTS TO FALL IN JULY, THE PREQUEL TO THE HIT “VSS” SERIES Bluewater Comics’ hit comic book series “Victoria’s Secret Service,” is coming back this winter with a brand new ongoing series. In July, readers can get their fill in a brand new prequel to VSS called “RAIN”. In this [...]

From the press release: ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST #1 (A) ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST #1 (B) Written by Chris Roberson Drawn by Francesco Biagini SC, 32 pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99 Diamond Code: MAY110918 For 40 years comic fandom has thrilled to the exploits of Elric since his introduction in Marvel Comics’ Conan the Barbarian in [...]

The following items will be solicited in the May 2011 issue of Previews catalog, with a shipping date of July 2011. THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN (VOL III): CENTURY #2 (OF 3): “1969″ by Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill - ISBN 978-1-60309-006-3 - an 80-pg full-color gn - $9.95 (US) The League is back! Our [...]

THE RED WING #1 – GEM OF THE MONTH A PLUS! Project story JONATHAN HICKMAN art & cover NICK PITARRA & RACHELLE ROSENBERG JULY 6 32 PAGES / FC $3.50 “LEARNING TO FLY” To stay alive in the future, the best fighter pilots in the world not only have to perfect their skills and master [...]

Walter Simonson’s Thor: Artist’s Edition Walter Simonson (w & a & c) Last year, IDW Publishing released the inaugural Artist’s Edition book, printing the entire Rocketeer saga by Dave Stevens from the original art and at the same size it was drawn. The book was a smash hit and quickly sold out. This year, IDW [...]

Action/Adventure Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse continues only in comics! DOLLHOUSE: EPITAPHS #1 (of 5) Andrew Chambliss (W), Maurissa Tancharoen (W), Jed Whedon (W), Cliff Richards (P), Andy Owens (I), Michelle Madsen (C), Phil Noto (Cover), and Fiona Staples (Variant Cover) On sale July 13 FC, 40 pages $3.50 Miniseries The fight for free will starts now! [...]

Brimstone Issue #3- Shadows of the Dead Brian McCarthy & Michael Lent (W) Hyunsang Michael Cho (P) Cover A Eric Basaldua Cover B Marat Mychaels After surviving a night of unliving hell in Brimstone, Victor and the remaining mercenaries emerge, guns at the ready, to fight the supernatural forces that attacked them. Annabelle, the sole [...]

Solicitations for Bluewater Productions releases set to Ship in July 2011: RAIN #1 SRP: $3.99 Writer: Nick Lyons Pencils: Sean Lee Cover Artist(s): Cover A) Michael Mayne, Cover B) Dan Glasl In issue one of four of this mini-series prequel to Bluewater Comics’ hit series “Victoria’s Secret Service,” readers are introduced to the sexy, skilled [...]