Twittering Away! 24-July-2008


Keep up with my sad Twitter life:

23:40 Reporting: Followers and Following are all gone - when will this be fixed? #

07:22 Morning? Again? Come on! That’s not fair! #

09:47 soundtrack to my cycle to work: The Chemical Wedding, by Bruce Dickinson. Go buy it! Also ran over a dead Seagull, legs splattered with gore #

12:26 @Remender that’s what I told people on my site. People seem really keen though, I’ve had 500 Google hits for Rick Remender + Booster Gold #

13:17 @BrianReed hah!. The joke only work if you know it is free I guess #

13:45 is having problems with his PFCs #

19:39 hello internets. Did you miss me??? #

19:39 @ivanbrandon Dude! You are taking the piss right?? #

20:01 @Spiraltwist Well, that is just mean When they follow you, you should block them. Teach them a lesson #

20:18 The Watchmen Video game?? Well, the end of the world has begun. Here are some other Watchmen products I expect to see: smiley face pins; #

20:18 Watchmen watches; Watchmen knitted willie warmers; Watchmen brand cheese truckles; Watchmen halloween outfits for your kids; #

20:18 Rorschach sleep masks; Watchmen jock straps; Watchmen iPod skins; Ozymandias punching bags; Rorschach replica trench coats; #

20:19 Dr. Manhattan lamps; The Comedian brand cigars; Silk Spectre sex dolls; Alan Moore grass seed heads #

20:19 - you water them, and the grow long hair and a beard; and finally, the Alan Moore voodoo doll, one of a kind, #

20:19 and owned by the head of marketing at WB, who loves sticking the pin in it’s head to give Alan Moore a constant migraine #

20:38 @BrianReed I’d probably drink more Red Bull, if it wasn’t so unfeasibly expensive #

20:40 @rickiep00h I set that up yesterday. You are so 24hrs ago #

20:49 @rickiep00h I prefer to call it fashionably late #

21:20 ouch, my brain hurts from staring at the screen too long altering my HTML. I need a cup of tea/ #

21:38 Katie Price & Peter Andre - the only time they should appear on my TV is while being hanged as part of the ultimate reality TV show #

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