The Rumour Mill: The Return of the Flash, But Not the One You Are Thinking [UPDATED]


A while ago, I called it that Rick Remender would be the new writer for Booster Gold. I put this together from a few scraps of information, and a tonne of gut feeling. Sadly Rick sent me a message to let me know that he is only one for one arc, so that made me sad

I’m going to try it again though. I am remarkably good at putting together little scraps of info, and figuring out upcoming plots. You never want to watch a murder mystery with me! Today’s prediction is one that I have had on my mind for several months now, and have been meaning to post about here.

By now everybody knows that Barry Allen has returned from the “dead”. I use inverted commas because it will most likely turn out that he never really died at the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths, and some shaky explanation will be given to explain where he has been. Barry Allen returned at the end of Final Crisis #2, and Geoff Johns is going to be writing a new mini series about this incarnation of the Flash.

Wally West returned last year at the end of the JLA/JSA crossover The Lightning Saga. Several members of the Legion of Super-Heroes travel to the present to resurrect an ally via lightning rods. The locations the Legion travels to include the spots where Barry Allen and Wally West gained their powers as well as the last spots on Earth where Barry appeared before his death. Both Batman and Hal Jordan realized this fact and believed Barry’s return is imminent. However, they instead retrieved Wally, Linda and his twin children, Iris and Jai, who appeared to have aged several years. Wally was immediately offered membership in the Justice League, which he accepted. Brainiac 5 implied West’s return was a freak accident and that they still retrieved the correct person they wanted and he was encased in one of the lightning rods used in the resurrection ceremony.

The resurrection of Wally West happened at a time when most titles in the DC universe were supposed to be aligned with each other, through the weekly Countdown comic. At seemingly the same time as Wally west died, Bart Allen had been killed over in The Flash. Bart died due to a machine built by Inertia which drained the Speed Force from him, leaving him surrounded by the Rogues and leading to the appearance of the Black Flash. Bart fought the Rogues before chasing after Inertia. After catching and beating Inertia, Bart again fought the Rogues. Panicked, Captain Cold, Heatwave, and Weather Wizard strike him down fatally.

Want to know what I think:

Bart Allen’s essence was absorbed into the legionnaires’ lightening rod, which they took back to the future with them. This lightening rod later appeared in an issue of Superman written by Geoff Johns. Superman asked why they had the rod, what they were doing with it, but a battle broke out, and we didn’t get the answer.

Geoff is writing Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds. I think that Bart Allen’s essence will return from the lightening rod, and he will save the day. Braniac 5 knew what was going to happen to Bart, that is why he sent the legionaire back to EXACTLY this time.

Expect to see FC:Lo3E followed up by a new ongoing title called The Flash and the Legion of Superheros.

You all owe me a beer if I am right


In the weirdest and creepiest coincidence, I just read the latests LITG (which will be discussed tomorrow in this week’s Comic Book Upskirt) and read this:

One San Diegoer tells me, “I was waiting at the Aspen booth at Comic-Con getting a sketch done by current Legion Artist Francis Manapul, when Geoff Johns came over and interrupted to talk to him for a second. Johns had a copy of the first trade from his first Teen Titans trade, and handed it to Manapul, which Manapul said, ‘I eventually did get my hands on a copy and read it last night.’ The two of them talked about Bart Allen for a couple of minutes, with Manapul being very complimentary of how he was written. Johns looked around, saw people were watching, and turned his back and the two of them continued to talk inaudibly for about 10 minutes about something before Johns left.

“Combine that with the vague question that Johns asked at one panel: ‘Does anyone miss Bart Allen?’ and there has to be something there.”

I dunno. You can’t spend ten minutes having a friendly chat without people reading something into it.

I would like to specify that I have honestly been thinking about posting this for a long time, and had not read the LITG article before at all.

That is just plain screwed up. Hey DC: give me a shout if you need some less predictable plots


[Update 2]

Kevin Huxford has reported over at his awesome Schwapp blog that this exchange was heard at DC’s WW:Chicago Panel

Will they bring back Bart Allen? “You have read the first issue of ‘Legion of Three Worlds,’ right?” Didio asked, and Johns hid his head in his hands.
“I haven’t read it,” Wayne said. “It hasn’t come out.”
“No plans at this time,” Didio came back. “How did I cover, Geoff?

Someone is going to owe me a beer!!![/Update 2]

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5 Responses to “The Rumour Mill: The Return of the Flash, But Not the One You Are Thinking [UPDATED]”
  1. Kevin Huxford says:

    Heh! Thanks for the link and compliment, good sir.

  2. Michael says:

    “Flash and the Legion”? I don’t think so. Johns did say in San Diego that if you like speedsters, you’ll want to read “Legion of 3 Worlds”, saying that XS plays a big part. But Bart is also associated with the Legion: he’s XS’s cousin, and his original outfit was based off the Legionnaires’ costumes. My bet is that Bart decides to stay with the Legion for some period of time following L3W, in a book drawn by Manapul.

    For the last 3-4 months, Rich has been updating his “rumor” that Shooter will be leaving the Legion, quoting unnamed sources and “the New York bar scene”. In that time, not a single other person that I’ve found has corroborated that. Maybe he’s right, maybe he’s wrong, but I just find it curious that he’s the only one reporting it.

  3. Edward Kaye says:

    No worries, I’m sure you don’t need the link, but it’s nice of you to pretend, hah! I’m actually getting some decent traffic now. Only 1 month of real operation, so I’m still finding my feet.

    I’ve been behind lately, work is busy, we are moving, and I am doing about 2 hours overtime a day. I applied for a new job today, which won’t require 2.5 hours cycling a day to commute to. Fingers crossed! Imagine all the free time!

  4. Edward Kaye says:

    Yeah, perhaps. I can’t see them bringing Bart back into the current DCU though. Bart is now an adult, so with the return of Barry they would have 4 Flashes running around. I think that would screw stuff up a bit.

    Maybe he will return to the time line (can’t remember when) when he was raised?

    I haven’t heard any other independent sources on the Shooter rumour either. I can only find people repeating what Rich said. I can see DC doing it though. Shooters’ return to the Legion hasn’t generated the sales they though it would. You know what though? They didn’t really promote it at all, they just assumed readers will find out by osmosis. They really need to overhaul their marketing department.

  5. Kevin Huxford says:

    Trust me: my hits over the course of the week are akin to a roller coaster ride, so I can always use a link.

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