SDCC 2008 - Update #2


Reinventing the Page: Stan Lee and Grant Morrison Talk Virgin Comics

This panel sounds like it was hilarious, and a once in a life time opportunity, I wish I was there Grant Morrison and Stan Lee discussed and compared their writing techniques. Stan Lee takes the piss out of Grant royally on several occasions, great stuff.

Virgin also showed some footage from Grant’s MBX, which will be a series of animated online shorts. Apparently “The characters, based on Hindu mythology but re-imagined by Morrison for the 21st century, fought robots on what looked like a post-apocalyptic landscape. With their energy bows and laser whips, the fierce combatants held off the mechanized swarm.”

Green Arrow/Black Canary has a new writer!

Judd Winick no longer has his greasy little paws on Green Arrow! There is a God! Green Arrow used to be a fantastic character that has had so great writers and great series over the years. But ever since Judd Winick took over, he just comes of as an airy-fairy ultra leftist tool. The new writer is Andrew Kreisberg, who is a TV writer, who’s work includes Eli Stone. TV writers + comics usually means massive delays, but I’ll give the guy a chance I guess. Hey DC! Why not remove Black Canary from the title, hell, Kill her, I don’t care, then put Andy Diggle on the title? Green Arrow: Year One was the best Green Arrow story in about 10 years. Come on!

David Mack to adapt Philip K. Dick’s Electric Ant

This looks brilliant, look at this artwork:

I am a massive fan of Philip K. Dick, and have read most of his novels and short stories. The man was a visionary genius, and quite possibly insane. I have liked Mack’s Kabuki work, and look forward to this. I went to a Chuck Palahniuk reading a couple of months ago, and he was talking about how he and David Mack were best friends. Now I have even more respect for him!

The Flash: Rebirth by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver

This one is going to cause some people to feel really happy, some to get really angry, and a lot of people to say “Who the Hell is Barry Allen?”. I think I am in the first group. Johns seems to have a real love of the character, so I am hopeful that he can pull this off, and Ethan Van Sciver’s artwork looks just amazing! Then again, Barry Allen hasn’t starred in comics since 1985, so this will be a much harder task to pull than the rebirth of Hal Jordan.

Dark Horse Horror Panel

A couple of decent things were announced. Particularly interesting was that Mike Mignola talked a little about B.P.R.D. 1947, the follow up to this year’s B.P.R.D. 1946. It will have Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon on artwork. Wow, that is going to be one pretty looking book! Also announced was a Gothic horror style Hellboy story for next year. A sad announcement was that The Goon will only be monthly until December’s issue, then it will be be released less regularly.

DC Nation Panel CBR Newsarama

A few interesting things were announced here:

Kevin Smith was announced as starting a 3 issue Batman mini-series, starting in November. Smith said of the series:

“I’m here to talk comic books,” Smith said. “I’m doing a three issue Batman miniseries. It will start five years from now and end six years from now. I swore I’d get all the scripts done before we even got started. I’ve written two scripts, I’ve got one to go, I’ll finish that when my daughter’s sixteen. Walt Flanagan will handle art chores. It’s called Batman: Cacophony and brings back Onomatopoeia, the villain from Green Arrow.”

Dan Didio talks a little more about this series here

Keith Giffen hinted at Paul Levitz returning to LOSH. With his schedule I find it doubtful though, maybe a mini-series?

Black Adam will apparently be returning to the pages of Justice Society of America

Dan Didio promised that Steve Nile’s Simon Dark series is not getting canceled. Ed Note: This series is great, go any buy it!

Johns announced that Indigo Lanterns would appear early next year, and that he was staying on Green Lantern after Blackest Night.

Greg Rucka hinted that there were plans for a Batwoman mini-series, but that he couldn’t confirm anything yet.

Marvel Panel

Not much new stuff came out here:

Greg Pak announced a new War Machine ongoing series, starting in December, replacing Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D, with pencils by Leonard Manco.

Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon are set to returning to Punisher, in December, with Punisher: War Zone, which is a weekly 6-issue miniseries, set in the “Garth Ennis Marvel Knights Punisher Universe”

Superman: Man of Tomorrow panel

I like a lot of what they say here about tying the Superman comics together, but Robinson’s writing isn’t impressing me so far with Superman. Also, I am pretty sure that it is impossible to make the new Supergirl character readable. I’ll approach this with trepidation

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4 Responses to “SDCC 2008 - Update #2”
  1. Kevin Huxford says:

    Well…the hunt is on for what copywritten photos Mack will be referencing heavily.

  2. Edward Kaye says:

    Yeah, that is true. Rich has referenced him in the swipe file section of LITG a couple of time. I really like that image though. it looks and sounds like he really has a love for Dick’s work, which is always a good thing when someone is adapting something.

  3. Kevin Huxford says:

    Yeah…it definitely is a kick ass image. That’s certainly true. I’ll give it a shot.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very cool that Mack is writing this story.
    And the artist Pascal and Paul Pope look great for this too.

    That is cool that Chuck Palahniuk talked about Mack at his reading. I know Palahniuk is writing the intro to the new Kabuki volume.
    What did he say about Mack?

    I had seen somewhere else on the net that someone had mentioned that Chuck had discussed at a reading that Mack has a form of functional autism called aspergers syndrome.

    And based on the photos I’ve seen of him, that painting looks like it is based on Mack himself.

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