The Rumour Mill: Rick Remender is the New Writer of Booster Gold … [UPDATE]


Oh damn it! I just got a message from Rick Remender which said “You’re too kind, and were on point. However, I’m only on for one story”

Like I said to him, I bet they stick someone like Judd Winick on after him This is particularly annoying, because we have to suffer through a couple of Chuck Dixon issues to even get to Rick’s one.

What on Earth is DC up to nowadays (excluding Vertigo of course)? I know they have a couple of really great writers signed, like Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, and Keith Giffen; and some very good ones like Matthew Sturges, Gail Simone, Geoff Johns (sorry Glen, I know how much you hate him). But the DCU generally seems to have a shortage of good writers at the moment. Other than the fantastic amount of great creator-owned stuff out there, I’m leaning more and more towards Marvel these days. Marvel seem to be hiring on amazing talent at the moment, and luring me back over there. They just signed Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning to an exclusive, which means they won’t be doing many issues of the new relaunch of The Authority. This coming after the abysmal failure of the Grant Morrison penned relaunch la couple of years back. Is this the end times for DC??? Could Darkhorse or Image take their place in the big two?

Oh well, plenty of great stuff to look forward to from Rick Remender. More Punisher War Journal, Fear Agent, and End league, then two new series: Gigantic, and Legion of the Supernatural. Both look very cool.

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