The Rumour Mill: Rick Remender is the New Writer of Booster Gold …


… and I totally called it!

Look here on the DC Site (BTW snazzy new look to the site)

Written by Rick Remender; Cover by Chris Batista and Mick Gray; Art by Pat Olliffe and Jerry Ordway

When Booster Gold’s ancestor mistakenly captures a strange-looking starfish for his would-be girlfriend, all hell breaks loose! After being possessed by Starro the Conqueror, a Time Master travels through history spreading body-snatching clones in order to take over Earth one era at a time! Can Booster save humanity from an invading alien force?

DC Universe | 32pg. | Color | $2.99 US

On Sale October 15, 2021

Look at me calling it on his boards:

Hey Rick,

How’s it going?

It’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve been following you since issue #1 of Strange Girl and #1 Fear Agent, It’s great to see you getting so much work at the big two at the moment, and I’m loving End League.

So, I was sad to see the The Atom wraps up next month, I had no idea! It was like when I read Keith Giffen’s latest Midnighter issue, turned to the back page and saw “Thanks for reading”. I’ve been enjoying the title, you’ve done a great job, and maintained the same level of humor and high action that Gail had going on.

I noticed on Twitter that you said you were writing a story featuring Starro taking over the world. So I wracked my brains and thought “What would be a great DC title to put Rick Remender on, that could feature Starro taking over the world, and what would fit his unique sense of humor”. Then I remembered how Booster Gold made a guest appearance in The Atom, and Geoff and Jeff are leaving the title. So, I’m calling it now: Rick Remender is the new writer of Booster Gold!

So, any comments?????

I had noticed previously his twitter status had said that he was writing a story where Starro the conquerer was taking over the world. So, he was obviously writing a new DC title post All New Atom, and what DC title was expecting a new writer? Also, Booster starred in the recent issue of The Atom, and I later spotted this on his twitter: “Booster Gold: The Justice League of Tomorrow needs you”.

I asked him about this on twitter last month, but he totally ignored me, which is no surpirise, because A) I am some schmo B) He couldn’t say anything until it was announced.

It’s great to know Rick, if you are out there, and yes, I do know he has read this blog on at least one occasion. I look forward to your run.

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