Trawling the Internets - Issue #2



  • Leah Moore and John Reppion are having a sale at their online store. They have a heap of good stuff for sale, including full runs of The Darkness vs. Eva - Daughter of Dracula, Witchblade - Shades of Gray, as well as the Albion TPB, the Raise the Dead HC, and John’s non-fiction work 800 years of Haunted Liverpool. They will sign everything sold, and they will dedicate it if you leave your name at the checkout. So, head over their for some great bargain, I bought the lot, except John’s book, which I just ordered the week before, D’oh!
  • There is going to be a Zombie Walk in Vancouver on August 16th:

    I originally spotted this on Warren Ellis’ blog, but thought I would re-post it, as it is so close to where I live. If anyone wants to go up. I’ll definitely come, I don’t drive though, and the bus is WAY to much hassle for just one day. Plus, I’d rather not take the greyhound and end up getting decapitated With all the people in Zombie makeup no-one would even noticed I’d been killed!!!!!!

  • Ben Templesmith has put a page of original art for sale on eBay. The piece is page 12 from issue #5 of Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse (It Only Hurts When I Pee)

    I planned to bid on it, but the price keeps flying up, and if I know eBay, the price will triple in the last minute of the auction. If any rich reader out there would like to show their appreciation for my unpaid efforts to keep them entertained, this would be a great token of gratitude

  • Warren Ellis has told people on his blog that he “wrote a bunch of the groundwork, backstory and structure on the forthcoming EA videogame Dead Space“. This game recently had a 5 part prequel comic written by Anthony Johnston, with artwork by Ben Templesmith. The comic was 100% awesome, I wonder if the game will be release on the Wii….

Quotes of the Week:

  • Matt Fraction: “Will there be a WATCHMEN movie novelization? Boy I sure hope so”
  • Ben Templesmith: “If there is such a thing as an omnipotent god, pretty sure 90% of his time is taken up by watching people wanking.”
  • Dwight L. MacPherson: “I think Metallica were replaced by Skrulls after “And Justice For All.”

Comic Creator FlickR pictures:

New Webcomic releases:

Teaser art:

If You have anything you want featuring here, please just send me an email. Promo art for a project you want pushing, funny links you found, webcomics you think should be featured, anything really. It means I don’t have to hunt around the net as much

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2 Responses to “Trawling the Internets - Issue #2”
  1. David Gallaher says:

    Excellent. Really nice collection of links there!

  2. Edward Kaye says:

    Thanks very much. I’m trying to get a few regular weekly features going on the site. In this one the idea is that I just note down bits and pieces I’ve come across during the week, and link people to them. Funny pictures, good web comics that have had an update during the week, that sort of thing.

    I’ve only being doing this blog for about a month, so I’m still find what does and doesn’t work I see to be picking up subscribers though, which is nice.

    I’ve been loving High Moon by the way, and I’m looking forward to more. I didn’t know you had a blog, I’ll have to subscribe to the feed.

    Thanks for coming by!

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