Steve has been quoted as saying on that he was attacked and only defended himself. Apparently he was uninjured. Security broke up the fight, and the police were called. It seems that no charges were pressed. There is some buzz around the net as to whether or not this is the whole truth of [...]

Every man and his dog is bugging Neil Gaiman about his upcoming projects it would seem. A few weeks ago, Rich Johnston leaked the rumour that he might be writing a Doctor Who episode, and now it seems everyone is after confirmation. According to Neil’s blog he rang his Visa issuer the other day to [...]

Up for review: Superman #678 Writer: James Robinson Penciler: Renato Guedes Inker: Jose Wilson MagalhaésCover By: Alex Ross This is a follow up to my review of Superman #677 that came out last month. Nothing really happened in this issue. We see a little banter between members of the Metropolis Science Police. We are then [...]

It’s that time of the week when I direct everyone over to see the latest issue of Rich Johnston’s Lying in the Gutters. Now, this is Rich’s column, so I won’t repeat everything here, I will however talk about a couple of things I found interesting. San Diego Brawling According to Rich: I first heard [...]

This broke for a while, and now seems to be sending at the wrong time, hopefully it will work properly soon Keep up with my sad Twitter life: 11:11 @johnreppion Surely Tea should be on the To Do list itself. I find it impossible to accomplish anything without regular tea intake # 11:12 @templesmith CNN? [...]

This is a general shipping list as sent out by Diamond Distribution to all stores in North America. Availability in your area may vary, so please check with your local comic store. All data was provided courtesy of Chris Nolan and his Comic Books Beta Facebook application. Please hover over each title for information on [...]

Ahhhh, Hypergeek! I am sorry that I have maintained you so poorly in the last week or so. I know that I haven’t written any proper articles recently, and I realise that the reviews have gone from 2-3 a day, to 2 a day, to daily, and now are seemingly random. Don’t take this personally, [...]

Yeah, I didn’t really keep up with the news coming out of San Diego this weekend. I woke up depressed on Saturday, and was just a miserable arsehole all weekend. It happens every so often. I am on SSRIs for OCD, and one of the side-effects is that every so often they will bring me [...]

I follow a lot of comic creators on Twitter. Many of these creators seem to take Twitter with them everywhere they go, letting people know every single thing they are up too. Well, tonight several creators were sending “as it happens” information from the 2008 Eisner awards ceremonies. There was a massive torrent of data [...]

This week is a pretty big one. Also, I was away most of last week, so I couldn’t pick up comics from last Wednesday. On top of that Diamond recently managed to lose shipments of many comics destined for my LCS. As a result there will be a massive pile of stuff waiting for me [...]