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Yeah, I didn’t really keep up with the news coming out of San Diego this weekend. I woke up depressed on Saturday, and was just a miserable arsehole all weekend. It happens every so often. I am on SSRIs for OCD, and one of the side-effects is that every so often they will bring me down into a black pit is irrational despair. All better now though

I suggest checking Newsarama and CBR for full coverage of what happened. Here is some stuff that Caught my eye:

Neil Gaiman to Write a 2 Part Batman Story Newsarama CBR

This sounds like it could be rather fun. Neil hasn’t done any mainstream comic work since his run on Eternals a year or so ago. Neil is at that point in his career where he can pick any choose what he wants to do, so he must think it is a Batman story worth telling. The story will be titled Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?, which seems to be a nod at Alan Moore’s final tale of the pre-crisis Superman. So, one would assume that this follows on from Batman R.I.P. though that may just be a red herring. The art will be provided by Andy Kubert.

Andy Diggle to Write Thunderbolts CBR Newsarama

I was rather pleased to hear this news. I’m not particularly a big Thunderbolts fan, but I like Andy Diggle’s writing. His current run on Hellblazer is the best I have read in years, and his work at 2000 A.D. was also very enjoyable, particularly Mega-City Underground

DnA to Write Next Marvel Cosmic Event CBR Newsarama

This is something to definitely look forward to. These guys have rejuvenated Marvel’s cosmic characters in the last year, with Annihilation: Conquest, Nova, and Guardians of the Galaxy. War of Kings looks set to be massive.

DCU Engulfs Milestone Universe

This could have some interesting results. It really depends how it is handled. I’ll take the wait and see approach

That’s about it really. Not a huge amount of stuff announced this year. There were also a few new Vertigo and Darkhorse things announced which sounded promising. Apart from that, there were some interesting Q&As and panels worth looking up. I wonder if I can find some video of the Morrison/Way panel….

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