The (Not So) Daily Review, Or: How I Got Lazy and Neglected to Update My Blog


Ahhhh, Hypergeek! I am sorry that I have maintained you so poorly in the last week or so. I know that I haven’t written any proper articles recently, and I realise that the reviews have gone from 2-3 a day, to 2 a day, to daily, and now are seemingly random. Don’t take this personally, I still love you, I really do! I just feel that I will write better reviews and articles if I don’t pressure myself to do it every day, and do it just when I feel that something is review worthy. Let’s face it, sometimes a comic just won’t be review worthy, sometimes all you can say is “yep, the latest Batman was nice”. No one wants to read that. They want to hear if it was great, if it sucked, or it there was just something interesting about it. I’ll still update you, just not quite as regularly.

Also, I have been quite depressed, and uninspired to do anything recently. Getting out of bed feels like a chore at the moment. When the inspiration hits me, you will be first one to know about it.

I think we should just see a little less of each other, I have other things to do in my life: I have my day-job, where i save the world from deadly environmental toxins on a daily basis; I would like to spend to spend some time with my wife in the evenings; I have a massive backlog of comics, novels, magazines, and scientific journals to read through; I have my amateur photography, I actually have about 300 photos on my hard drive in Canon RAW format (digital negative) that need to be processed and tweaked in Photoshop; I would like to get back into playing music again, as that all that music training is just going to waste.

Other than all those things, I am trying to encourage my self to write some stories. I have planned to do it for a long time now, and need a kick up the arse. I have two stories I want to tell. I am currently letting the ideas gestate, writing notes, doing research, and I have a few paragraphs down for one story. I won’t do any actual writing until we have moved house next month, as it is so hard to concentrate, and feel creative, in our current shit-hole slum; also, there is a lot of planning, and stress involved with moving.

If you would like to know, I can hint at the stories, though I won’t give many details, as things may change, and you know, the internet has ears!

One story is a massive epic set in a dystopian future. It is set the world in which we live, in 50-100 years, if we travel along the path we are currently heading down. It will be set in Canada and told from the perspective of an British Expatriate. That’s all you get for now No will publish it, A) because it will probably suck, and B) because it is probably going to be a long ongoing story. Maybe online for free??

The other story will be tales from an OCD support group. It is a reworking of a story I planned about my own life. My stories, and others I am creating from research, will be told by various visitors to a support group. It will probably be a collection of short stories, with an over-arching narrative.

So, sorry blog, I do love you, but really? Who is reading you anyway? No, no, no, don’t take that the wrong way… I might have some updates for you later today, maybe a bullet review or something too

Yours sincerely,

Edward Kaye


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