More on the Steve Niles Fight


Steve has been quoted as saying on that he was attacked and only defended himself. Apparently he was uninjured. Security broke up the fight, and the police were called. It seems that no charges were pressed.

There is some buzz around the net as to whether or not this is the whole truth of the matter. Some people say that they witnessed the incident, and that Steve just walked up and smacked the guy in the face. Others still are saying the Steve has an ongoing issue with an artist who attends Comic-Con regularly, and this was the climax of the dispute.

I think these “witnesses” are full of crap, and just want to stir up some shit. There was a security camera in the lobby that verified events how Steve described them. If Steve initiated the fight, I am sure that charges would have been pressed, or the other party would have gone to the press with this at the least. I asked Steve about this, but I haven’t heard back yet.

It seems that there may be something to these rumours of the Darwyn Cooke bar fight that was mentioned by a comic book creator on twitter. Either that, or the rumour is running wild. My site has received multiple hits today from Google searches for “Darwyn Cooke” + “Bar Fight”.

At the very least, it looks like it was an unusual con this year. Perhaps we could introduce a wrestling event to the proceedings next year. My vote : Grant Morrison vs. Brian Michael Bendis. Two men enter… two men leave

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  1. kkgirl says:

    more on this story is in this vid:

    onlookers also seemed to have a diff story

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