Sean Phillips to Provide Artwork for the next ‘Dark Tower’ Miniseries - The Gunslinger


As a massive fan of both The Dark Tower and Sean Phillips‘ wonderful artwork, this is some fantastic news! I really liked Jae Lee’s depiction of Mid-World, but I just can’t wait to see how Sean Philips draws Roland’s world.

I had actually assumed that the series would come to an end after the team had told the battle of Jericho Hill, but it looks like Marvel are set to go ahead and do an adaptation of the first Dark Tower novel, The Gunslinger.

If you haven’t read the series yet, this is sure to be a great point to jump onboard!

Here’s the press release:

Acclaimed Artist Sean Phillips Joins DARK TOWER: THE GUNSLINGER

Marvel is proud to announce that Eisner Award-winning Sean Phillips (Incognito, Criminal, Marvel Zombies) has joined the New York Times best-selling Dark Tower creative team! Philips joins the acclaimed team of Peter David, Robin Furth and Richard Isanove in the select group of creators entrusted by Stephen King himself to bring the adult adventures of his most personal creation to life in Dark Tower: The Gunslinger! Philips exclaims, “Well, I’ve bought the hat and the gun and holster. And I’ve got the lead pencil right here that’ll do the job!”

Phillips’ fellow Dark Tower collaborators couldn’t be more pleased with their new teammate. “Here’s to the beginning of our new Dark Tower adventure! Sean is a wonderful artist, so I can’t wait to see his depictions of Mid-World. We will all miss Jae [Lee], but we’re really lucky to have Sean. Peter and Richard will continue their amazing work, so I think Roland is ready to saddle up and move forward to the Mohaine Desert. Readers, bring plenty of sunscreen. You’re going to need it” said Robin Furth.

Peter David added, “I’m very much looking forward to seeing Sean’s depiction of Mid-World and the superb manner in which he’ll be telling Robin’s stories.  Jae left him sizable boots to fill, but I have every confidence that Sean is more than up to the challenge, and I’m looking forward to dialoguing his peerless pencils.”

“The past four years spent in Midworld have been the most enjoyable and creatively fullfiling of my professional life. Jae has taken me further than I thought possible in the artistic field and I am ecstatic to now have Sean along for the ride. I’m sure he’ll quickly feel at home within our little functional family, with the wise guidance of Robin, Peter’s perfect prose and under Ralph’s despotic thumb” explained Richard Isanove.

Ruwan Jayatilleke, Marvel’s Senior Vice President, Development & Planning, Print, Animation and Digital Media, said, “Marvel is absolutely psyched to have Sean Phillips join the Dark Tower creative team. Though Jae’s artistry will be missed, Sean’s gift of phenomenal storytelling and visual fireworks will keep the Dark Tower: The Gunslinger compelling, stunning, and true to its canon. Fans will have much to rave about in the coming months.”

A bold new chapter in Stephen King’s Dark Tower saga begins in Dark Tower: The Gunslinger #1, as Sean Phillips brings you a vision of Gilead like you’ve never seen before!

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger #1
COVER BY: Richard Isanove, Sean Phillips
WRITER: Peter David, Robin Furth
PENCILS: Richard Isanove, Sean Phillips
INKS: Array
LETTERED BY: VC - Chris Eliopoulos
On Sale: May 19, 2021



Twelve years have passed since the fateful Battle of Jericho Hill and the fall of the gunslingers. Since the Affiliation’s resistance against John Farson became little more than a faint memory. Since the friends that stood by young Roland Deschain burned to ash in the Good Man’s razing of Gilead. But Roland survived…and now he stalks the desert, hunting the spectral Man in Black in his quest for the Dark Tower. Join Robin Furth, Peter David and Richard Isanove as they welcome superstar artist Sean Phillips (INCOGNITO) into the ka-tet of creators entrusted by Stephen King himself to bring the adult adventures of his most personal creation to life! Cardstock Cover/Parental Advisory …$3.99 ©2010 Stephen King. All rights reserved.

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