Lenore: Cooties is a-120 page hardcover collection, written, illustrated, and coloured by Roman Dirge. The book was published by Titan Books, on November 30th, 2010. Lenore is a comic series created by Roman Dirge, and inspired by the poem “Lenore” by Edgar Allan Poe. Lenore started life at Slave Labor Graphics, who published the first [...]

From the press release: Titan Comics is pleased to announce the return of Lenore, the cute little dead girl, with the release of issue #2 of Roman Dirge’s cult comic, Lenore! “He loved with a love that was more than love.” After years of shocking physical and mental abuse, extreme violence and unnecessary brutality it [...]

As a follow-up to Diamond Distribution’s Top 20 Publishers, Top 300 Comics, and Top 300 TPBs & GNs for November 2009, I have used the raw data to construct the sales charts for small press titles in November 2009. Diamond provided their own small press charts, but I chose to ignore them, for a couple [...]