From the press release: IN MAPS & LEGENDS, an ongoing digital comic illustrated by Niki Smith and written by Michael Jasper, continues with its fourth issue on February 2, 2011. Smith and Jasper were named “Digital Creators of the Year” (along with Alex de Campi) for their work on IN MAPS & LEGENDS in 2010: [...]

It was a sad day when DC Comics decided to bring their Zuda comics imprint to an end. A lot of great creator-owned comics suddenly found themselves without a home. One such comic was In Maps & Legends, a contemporary fantasy, created by artist Niki Smith and writer Michael Jasper. Winner of the November 2009 [...]

“‘kidd Millennium’ distills the issues of the day into one-panel masterpieces. Callari and Pittman’s ‘kidd’ is funny, irreverent, insightful, and necessary.” Brian K. Mahoney, Editor Chronogram “Let me introduce you to Kidd Millennium, who is older than his years, because he has already brought us a deep insight into two terms of George Dubya.” Sancho, [...]