In Maps & Legends Re-Launches as a Digital Comic in September!


It was a sad day when DC Comics decided to bring their Zuda comics imprint to an end. A lot of great creator-owned comics suddenly found themselves without a home.

One such comic was In Maps & Legends, a contemporary fantasy, created by artist Niki Smith and writer Michael Jasper. Winner of the November 2009 contest at Zuda, where it competed against nine other comics chosen by the Zuda editors, In Maps & Legends, was a fascinating tale of magic, mystery, and steampunk fantasy.

I just received some good news though, it seems that Nikki and Michael will continue to publish the story as an independent digital comic! The first issue of the series will be available on September 1st, from a variety of different sources, in fact I think it’s available on pretty much every digital comics distribution channel (see details below)!

I absolutely loved what I got to see of the story first time round, and I’ll definitely be grabbing a a copy of the digital comic and I highly recommend that you do so too!

To find out more about the series, read the press release posted below, and make sure to check out the interview that I did with creators Michael Jasper and Niki Smith, which can be found here:

From the press release:

Kaitlin Grayson considers herself just an artist until she gets recruited by a strange man named Bartamus, who shows up at her place in the middle of the night and demands she use her skills to save his dying world. Soon Kait gets caught between two worlds, and if Bartamus’ world falls, Earth is next — along with untold other worlds.

The IN MAPS & LEGENDS digital comic re-launches on September 1, 2021.

Created by artist Niki Smith and writer Michael Jasper, IN MAPS & LEGENDS won the November 2009 contest at Zuda, an imprint of DC Comics.

After DC Comics discontinued their Zuda Comics website, Niki and Michael decided to continue their story independently.

So they made their comic available in a range of digital formats, including versions for the Kindle and downloadable PDF formats. iPhone, iPad, Droid phone, and Web formats are coming in the very near future. Issues sell for $.99 each.

You can buy Issue 1 from the following online distributors:

  • (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, Web Reader – coming soon)
  • Robot Comics (Droid Phone – coming soon)
  • Comixology (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, Web Reader – coming soon)
  • Amazon’s US Kindle Store (Kindle format)
  • Amazon’s UK Kindle Store (Kindle format)
  • DriveThruComics (PDF download)
  • Wowio (PDF download)
  • Scribd (PDF download)

We also have German versions! Check them out here:

IN MAPS & LEGENDS Issue 1 continues the tale of magic, mystery, and steampunk that follows its contest-winning opening pages. Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy the trip!

About Artist Niki Smith:
Niki is an artist and writer, who is currently working on a handful of creator-owned comic projects such as Highwater, and Some Did Rest. Her work has also appeared in several English language and German comic anthologies. Website

About Writer Michael Jasper:
Michal has published three novels, a story collection, and over four dozen short stories in Asimov’s, Strange Horizons, Polyphony, Writers of the Future, and the Raleigh News & Observer, and other venues. His most recent novel is A Gathering of DoorwaysWebsite

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