Bear Beater Bunyan: More Content, Same Price What is BEAR BEATER BUNYAN??? (Besides a super-catchy title, that is…) It’s a brand new series now on Android and the iTunes marketplace, published by Robot Comics and it is one of the most all-out action-packed comic extravaganzas you’ll ever read pitting one upstart young bear wrestler against [...]

The robot hero driven to protect us from mythic monsters has arrived! The critically-acclaimed series Robot 13: Colossus! was released on the iTunes marketplace by Robot Comics on January 13th, and will be released for Android devices in late January, with other platforms soon to follow. The series marks the debut of the latest upgrade [...]

The nice people at Robot comics, have sent Hypergeek a trailer for their iPhone and Android mobile adaptation of Robot 13. According to the press release, this port incorporates frame-by-frame animation, vibration, transition effects, and more. Nice! I’m looking forward to this one. Check it out below: From the press release: We whipped up this [...]

Ohio Geek Gamer Transported To Fantasy World Inside His iPhone! A story so shocking, so unorthodox, so ridiculous and impossible and downright entertaining it was chosen by TIME Magazine as one of 2007’s Top Graphic Novels of the Year!  What story could this be?  Why, the cult online hit Erfworld: The Battle for Gobwin Knob, [...]

Valentine, the the acclaimed fantasy / thriller graphic novel series by Eisner nominee Alex de Campi and artist Christine Larsen, has been released by Robot Comics for both the iTunes and Android marketplaces! Fully adapted for multiple mobile platforms – including iPhone & iPod touch, Android, Amazon Kindle and various additional eReaders- Valentine has additionally [...]

“‘kidd Millennium’ distills the issues of the day into one-panel masterpieces. Callari and Pittman’s ‘kidd’ is funny, irreverent, insightful, and necessary.” Brian K. Mahoney, Editor Chronogram “Let me introduce you to Kidd Millennium, who is older than his years, because he has already brought us a deep insight into two terms of George Dubya.” Sancho, [...]

Robot Comics have informed Hypergeek that for a Limited time they will be offering readers the chance to download the iPhone/Android version of Ben Powis’ Where Grow the Bitter Herb absolutely free of charge! The offer begins on November 30th and ends on at midnight on December 8th. Check out the press release below: Ben [...]

UWS Publishing have supplied Hypergeek with preview pages for their new iPhone exclusive comic, Soldiers #0, written by Rob McClellan, with art by Martin Montiel (The Darkness, Legendary), Chris Summers (G.I. Joe) and Charles Pritchett (Noble Causes). This first issue of the comic follows the exploits of four prototype super-soldiers deployed to Afghanistan in August [...]

Robot Comics have informed Hypergeek that their iPhone/iPod Touch & Android revision of Michael San Giacomo & Mitch Breitweiser’s Phantom Jack is now available to buy though iTunes and the Android Marketplace. They also sent along a nine page preview of Phantom Jack #0, subsequent to the previously release 11-page preview they supplied Hypergeek with [...]

Robot Comics have supplied Hypergeek with more preview pages from Igor Noronha’s new iPhone comic LAN #0. These preview pages are in addition to the previous preview which Robot Comic supplied Hypergeek with, which you can find here. The preview has supplied with the following press release: Igor Noronha’s (Zuda Comics‘ SIDEWISE) first creator-owned work [...]