This morning, DC Comics announced another seven titles from their line-wide Universe reboot (see here). The titles announced this morning all either ex-Wildstorm titles, including Stormwatch and Grifter; involve warfare, including modern takes on both the Blackhawks, and Sgt. Rock; involve “loose cannons”, such as Deathstroke, and OMAC; and westerns, including All-Star Western! UPDATE: Whoops, [...]

From the press release: HOW THE OLD WEST WAS WEIRD! Image Comics Presents a Series of One Shots with Can’t-Miss Creative Teams Berkeley, CA – 29 April 2021 – Westerns, one of the truly original American genres! From books, movies and comics, the genre has always held a special place in the hearts of fans. [...]

From the press release: IMAGE EXPLORES THE DEADLANDS Image Comics is proud to announce a partnership with Visionary Comics and Pinnacle Entertainment to bring the award-winning RPG Deadlands to comics…with a vengeance! Berkeley, CA - 4 March 2021 – Deadlands will debut with four one-shots, running June-September, with stand alone front feature stories by the [...]

After Dark Issue #1 (of 3) In Stores August 2010 From celebrated director Antoine Fuqua (Brooklyn’s Finest, Training Day), acclaimedactor Wesley Snipes (Blade) and award-winning writer Peter Milligan (Hellblazer, Human Target, Skreemer) comes the post-apocalyptic saga of After Dark! Click here for more. Radical Publishing August 2010 Solicitations Click on the images to get more [...]

From the press release: PALMIOTTI & GRAY TO IGNITE TIME BOMB #1 IN JULY May 20th, 2010, Los Angeles, CA – Radical Publishing proudly presents Time Bomb, the newest Sci-Fi/Action thriller from acclaimed creators Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (Jonah Hex, Power Girl), now available to order in the May 2010 edition of Diamond Previews. [...]

Four color Musings By K. Patrick Glover Installment the Third Well, it’s been a couple of weeks and we’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s just dive in, okay? First up, Random Acts of Violence, a new Image graphic novel written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, with some nice, atmospheric artwork by Giancarlo [...]

From the press release: THE ULTIMATE SERIAL KILLER COMES TO LIFE Palmiotti, Gray and Caracuzzo Create Debut Splatterman Graphic Novella in April BERKELEY, CA — 20 January, 2010 — Two comic book creators discover what happens when their newest creation becomes all too real in the all-new graphic novella, SPLATTERMAN, by THE PRO and BACK [...]

The following comic previews are for DC, Vertigo & Wildstorm titles on sale Wednesday September 23rd 2009. Please click the the title below that you wish to preview. Once there, please click on the thumbnail images to launch the image viewer. Pictoview is recommended for easier image navigation. DC Universe Detective Comics #857 - 10 [...]