This morning, DC Comics announced another seven titles from their line-wide Universe reboot (see here). The titles announced this morning all either ex-Wildstorm titles, including Stormwatch and Grifter; involve warfare, including modern takes on both the Blackhawks, and Sgt. Rock; involve “loose cannons”, such as Deathstroke, and OMAC; and westerns, including All-Star Western! UPDATE: Whoops, [...]

I haven’t picked up Action Comics #900 yet, so I missed the news that Superman has thrown a hissy fit and renounced his U.S. Citizenship. Apparently, the issue has Superman uttering the following: “I intend to speak before the United Nations tomorrow and inform them that I am renouncing my U.S. citizenship. I’m tired of [...]

In a post over on the DC Comics blog, co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan Didio have announced that as of January 2011, DC Comics titles will no longer carry the Comics Code Authority Seal of Approval. Instead, DC Comics titles will employ a rating system consistent with that of the rest of the industry, as [...]

From the press release: New York, NY, September 27—Robert Harras has been named Editor-in-Chief, VP, DC Comics, it was announced today by DC Comics Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio. Harras will oversee editorial for DC Comics, DC Universe, MAD Magazine and Vertigo and will be based in New York City, reporting directly to the [...]

Why, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! Next you’ll be telling me that the Marvel Universe has two Captain Americas… oh wait, it does! The news that the DC Universe will soon have two Batmen was first broken this morning in an interview with Dan Didio in the New York Times. The DC [...]

DC just dropped the bomb that Jim Lee and Dan Didio have be named the co-publishers of DC Comics, stepping up to take the place of Paul Levitz, who was recently pushed out of the position. Erm… right… don’t quite know what to say, except, WTF?! Dan Didouchio is responsible for a lot of the [...]

Rich Johnston over at has the rumour that DC Comics may well be looking towards developing prequels and spin-offs of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen. Head over here to see the full news, but here is a choice snippet: I understand now that this is considered a pet project of Dan DiDio, SVP-Executive [...]

DC Comics has announced that they will be offering retailers and fans the chance to take part in another promotional ring campaign. I assume everyone is now familiar with the ring campaign that DC launched back in November, where fans could get the power rings of the various lantern corps with select Blackest Night tie-in [...]

On DC’s The Source blog Alex Segura has posted a live interview with DC Executive Editor Dan Didio, in which Dan reveals the what’s coming after the Blackest Night event. Apparently, DC plans to follow-up Blackest Night with a 26-issue, bi-weekly series called Brightest Day. Brightest Day will debut in April with Brightest Day #0, [...]

After several fans as to whether DC was considering returning Wonder Woman to it’s original numbering scheme, Dan Didio announced that he would return the series to it’s original numbering with issue #600, but only if DC received 600 postcards asking them to do so, by October 31st. Today it was announced on DC’s The [...]