This morning, DC Comics announced another seven titles from their line-wide Universe reboot (see here). The titles announced this morning all either ex-Wildstorm titles, including Stormwatch and Grifter; involve warfare, including modern takes on both the Blackhawks, and Sgt. Rock; involve “loose cannons”, such as Deathstroke, and OMAC; and westerns, including All-Star Western! UPDATE: Whoops, [...]

From the press release: GREEN LANTERN Prequels To Be Published this May Written by the creative talents behind the highly anticipated motion picture, these exclusive one-shots tell the tales of the movie characters before the events of the film. What were Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Kilowog, Abin Sur and The Guardians all doing before the curtains [...]

From the press release: Moonstone Entertainment, Inc., a leading publisher of comics and books, has just signed a contract to publish an epic science fiction project called NEUTRAL WORLD, as created by well known comic and pulp writer Ron Fortier and comic superstar artist, Joe Bennett. Bennett, a self-taught Brazilian artist, entered the field in [...]