Image Comics Tells How the West Was Weird with Deadlands


From the press release:

Image Comics Presents a Series of One Shots with Can’t-Miss Creative Teams

Berkeley, CA – 29 April 2021 – Westerns, one of the truly original American genres! From books, movies and comics, the genre has always held a special place in the hearts of fans. This summer, Image Comics and Visionary Comics, along with Strider Nolan and Pinnacle Entertainment are bringing westerns to comics in a big way. But not just any western… the weird western! With a mix of horror, steampunk and the supernatural, the old west was never a more frightening and weird place than with DEADLANDS!

The old west will get a fresh new take in the DEADLANDS comics with the exciting interpretations of a list of super star talents. Those contributing their masterful storytelling to the series will include: David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Lee Moder, Ron Marz, Bart Sears, Steve Niles, and Francesco Francavilla.

Ron Marz, who also heads up the project as series editor, stated, “It’s been amazing. All these guys have been wanting to do a western, and there it was, the perfect chance. The books have each taken shape by creator choice. We couldn’t have hoped for better.”

C. Edward Sellner, Creative Director for Visionary and writer of the four part backup series appearing in each book also commented on the enthusiasm of the teams, “We just keep hearing how much fun everyone is having and this stuff looks like some of the best work of their careers. I think everyone loves westerns, and everyone loves a scary story, so when you combine the best of both, you get something everyone can love.”

While Deadlands is based on the popular RPG game from Pinnacle, one doesn’t have to be a gamer to love the books, explained Marz, “If you love westerns, if you love horror tales, if you love good comics, great art and storytelling, you’ll love these books. Part of my job was to make sure these books were accessible to all.”

The first book out of the gate is DEADLANDS: THE DEVIL’S SIX GUN by the Harvey award-winning team of David Gallaher and Steve Ellis. In classic Faustian tradition, a weapons maker comes to America to pursue the American dream in the former colonies. Instead, he becomes immersed in plots and manipulations to gain unearthly power through the supernatural Ghost Rock. His goal? To make a gun that can kill anything, including the powerful Hellstromme! Its a journey that will cost him everything he loves, including his soul!

DEADLANDS (APR110410), the first 32 page full color one shot in this series of weird westerns, will be available in stores June 15, 2021 for $2.99.

Preview Pages:


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