Palmiotti, Gray and Caracuzzo Bring Splatterman to Image in April


From the press release:


Palmiotti, Gray and Caracuzzo Create Debut Splatterman Graphic Novella in April

BERKELEY, CA — 20 January, 2010 — Two comic book creators discover what happens when their newest creation becomes all too real in the all-new graphic novella, SPLATTERMAN, by THE PRO and BACK TO BROOKLYN‘s Jimmy Palmiotti, Jonah Hex‘s Justin Gray and The Last Resort‘s Giancarlo Caracuzzo!

“Every creator can tell you their best characters take on a life of their own, and SPLATTERMAN shows how it can happen in the most frightening of ways,” Palmiotti explained. “SPLATTERMAN is definitely a worst case situation of life imitating art and we’re lucky enough to have an illustrator like Giancarlo who can combine a setting everyone can relate to with a twist everyone can fear.”

SPLATTERMAN is the blood soaked story of two comic creators and their ultimate horror character creation gone very bad. After receiving the publishing deal they’ve long sought after, they soon find a strong enough imagination can be twisted for chilling purposes. For this done-in-one graphic novella that truly lives up to its title, Palmiotti, Gray and Caracuzzo are joined by WANTED‘s Paul Mounts, letterer Bill Tortolini and famed cover artist Tim Bradstreet.

SPLATTERMAN, a 72-page full color with a cover price of $6.99, will be available for order in the February issue of Previews and goes on sale April 28.

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