From the press release: CLAIM YOUR TURF Ross & Edward’s Gorgeous Oversized Hardcover Includes Lots of Extras Berkeley, CA – 15 June 2021 – The flappers, mobsters, vampires and aliens of Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards’ comic book masterpiece will soon all be bound together in one beautiful hardcover TURF collection. Readers will get [...]

I had almost completely forgotten that the first annual Stan Lee awards were held last weekend at Kapow! Comic Con. Luckily, someone sent me a handy press release, listing the winners of each category! It’s quite an interesting list, and doesn’t contain all of the categories that you normally see for comic awards. As well [...]

From the press release: LAST NIGHT IN TOWN Turf Concludes with Variant Covers by Dave Gibbons and Michael Kaluta Berkeley, CA – March 23, 2021 – The best vampire/alien/crime noir epic ever created comes to an end this April with the final issue of TURF, and comic book legends Dave Gibbons and Michael Kaluta are [...]

UPDATED: On Twitter, Tommy Lee Edwards has confirmed the rumour that Vaughan is looking to adapt Jonathan Ross’ unpublished script for The Golden Age comic, and has revealed that when the comic is eventually published, he will be the artist, carrying on his creative partnership with Ross from their Turf Comic. is reporting that [...]

UPDATE: I really need to fire my researcher, because, as multiple posters have pointed out, IDW actually announced this at SDCC 2010. I don’t quite know how I missed that one!  To clear things up, I have attached IDW’s official press release from July 2010. Sorry about that! Amidst the massive stream of Superbowl, Cowboys [...]

The DC Comics Blog is reporting that Paul Cornell has written a cameo role for British TV host, comedian, and comic writer,  Jonathan Ross, in issue #5 of Knight & Squire. The issue is illustrated by Jimmy Broxton and will hit shelves in February. Here’s what Cornell and Boxton said about the cameo: It’s an [...]

It has been announced that Jonathan Ross is set to host a special quiz event at Kapow! Comic Con. The Comic Pros vs Fans Game Show will be held live on stage  on the afternoon of Sunday, April 10, 2011. The event will also be simulcast to the web, for those unable to attend. Ross, [...]

Issue #1 of Titan Publishing’s CLiNT Magazine Hits Shelves in the UK today. The Magazine is edited by Mark Miller, and will feature strips from Miller, Frankie Boyle, Jonathan Ross, and Huw Edwards, along with features and interviews from the worlds of TV, Film, Comics and Gaming, including an interview with Jimmy Carr. Find out [...]

From the press release: SEEING THINGS IN SAN DIEGO Image Comics takes its show on the road for Comic-Con International 2010 Berkeley, CA - 19 July 2021 - You’ll find something exciting during Comic-Con International 2010 with Image Comics, booth #2729, whether you’re looking for your favorite Image creators, exclusive announcements or convention exclusives! CREATORS [...]

From the press release: GANGSTERS, VAMPIRES, ALIENS, OH MY! TURF #2 sold out at distribution level; Image Comics takes it to press again Berkeley, CA - 14 July 2021 - Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards’ TURF — a Prohibition-era tale of vampires, gangsters, and aliens — is a certified hit with the sell out [...]