From the solicitation: FEAR ITSELF Collides Hammer First With The AVENGERS! Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Avengers #14 from the blockbuster creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr! The disastrous events of Fear Itself hit close to home when one of their own goes toe to toe with [...]

I had almost completely forgotten that the first annual Stan Lee awards were held last weekend at Kapow! Comic Con. Luckily, someone sent me a handy press release, listing the winners of each category! It’s quite an interesting list, and doesn’t contain all of the categories that you normally see for comic awards. As well [...]

From the press release: Wakanda’s greatest hero is making his first leap onto the small screen as Shout! Factory, in association with Marvel Knights Animation brings Marvel Knights Animation: Black Panther to DVD today, available in comic shops and wherever DVDs are sold! Stunningly recreated from the bestselling graphic novel by acclaimed filmmaker/writer/producer Reginald Hudlin [...]

Diamond Distribution has just release their charts of the Top 500 selling graphic novels of 2010. Of course, when they say graphic novel here, they mean a mixture of original graphic novels, and trade paper back collections. Unsurprisingly, it’s been quite a year for Robert Kirkman. Not only does he take the #1 spot, with [...]

From the press release: After a blockbuster debut, Kick Ass 2 #1 has sold out at Diamond (though copies may still be available at the retail level) and will be going back to press — twice — with the Kick Ass 2 #1 Second and Kick Ass 2 #1 Third Printing Variants!  The megastar creative [...]

From the press release: The Red Hulk smashes into the world of the Avengers. But is he friend or foe? And just what does he want? Find out in Avengers #7, from the chart-topping team of Brian Bendis, John Romita Jr, Klaus Janson and Dean White, arriving in stores November 17! had this image first, (see here), but great news bears repeating. In their bid to crack the US market with their new line of US distributed collections, Rebellion Developments will be releasing a new collection of classic Dredd tales in Judge Dredd: Mega-City Masters 02. The stories in the collection are designed to attract [...]

From the press release: Marvel is proud to unveil your first look at Avengers #4, from the chart-topping team of Brian Bendis and John Romita Jr-this one’s so full of action that it almost broke JRJR! AVENGERS #4 (JUN100552) AVENGERS #4 ROMITA VARIANT (JUN100553) AVENGERS #4 WOMEN OF MARVEL FRAME VARIANT (JUN100554) Written by BRIAN [...]

From the press release: Marvel is proud to present your first look at Incredible Hulk #611 from the renowned creative team of Greg Pak and Paul Pelletier with a special wraparound cover by the legendary John Romita Jr.! In the Earth-shattering climax to World War Hulks, Skaar, Son of Hulk, finally confronts the father he [...]