From the press release: ORANG UTAN COMICS SWING ACROSS THE POND IN 2010! UK indie publisher announces big plans for the year ahead! “Orang Utan Comics really stand out from the competition in the small press comics scene.” – Edward Kaye, Hypergeek. Orang Utan Comics is kicking off the new decade with two exciting new releases and [...]

FTL is Orang Utan Comics’ flagship anthology series! Expect the very best quick fire stories in these pages, from some of the most exciting creators working in comics today. This is the comics anthology where anything goes! Vampires! Dragons! Robots! Ninjas! Knights! Vikings! Cheerleaders! You name it, you’ll find it in the pages of FTL! [...]

You may recall that a few weeks ago I did an advance review of the Orang Utan Comics anthology title FTL #2. I have just been informed that FTL #2 is now available to purchase as a print on demand (POD) title from Indy Planet for $2.99, as well as being available as a downloadable [...]

A couple of days ago PJ Holden tweeted that he had made some of his older comic work available to view for free on the website Myebook. I did not have time to check out the comic at the time, and only got around to viewing it this evening. I am familiar with Myebook from [...]

FTL #2 is a 32 page, Black & White anthology comic, brought to you by Orang Utan Comics. The anthology is edited and designed by Oran Utan co-founder Ian Sharman, and features a beautiful, full colour cover by John Charles. As I mentioned in my review of FTL #1, with anthology titles, I tend to [...]

The Small Press Spotlight is a semi-regular feature on Hypergeek where I dedicate an article to all the excellent small press and indie publishers out there, as well as self-publishing artists. This is accomplished in the form of company/creator profiles, highlights of key works, reviews of the company/individual’s latest releases, and general articles about the [...]