From the solicitation: ORANG UTAN COMICS CO-FOUNDER GETS INTERACTIVE “For those missing Captain Britain And MI:13, don’t fret, your new favourite British superteam are here.” - Rob Williams (Ghost Rider, Low Life) Orang Utan Comics co-founder Peter Rogers’ first graphic novel The Interactives, hits shelves this August from Markosia Enterprises. scallywag is a guru in [...]

From the press release: Orang Utan Comics is pleased to announce the release of FTL # 5. A 32-page comic book in full color written and illustrated by G.M. Jordan, Alex Moore, Ian Sharman, Holy Rose, David Wynne, Rivka Jacobs, Paty Cockrum, Yel Zamor, Alex De-Gruchy, Giorgio Iannotti, Robert Denton III, and Dave Acosta. “We [...]

Hero 9 to 5 is an original graphic novel, written by Ian Sharman (Alpha Gods, Eleventh Hour) with art by David Gray, and colours by Yel Zamor. Released in October from AAM/Markosia, you can order Hero: 9 to 5 from your local comic shop now, with the Diamond Previews order code of AUG10 0726. Here’s [...]

You may recall that a few weeks ago I did an advance review of the Orang Utan Comics anthology title FTL #2. I have just been informed that FTL #2 is now available to purchase as a print on demand (POD) title from Indy Planet for $2.99, as well as being available as a downloadable [...]