Josh Wagner is the creator of the award-winning mini-series Fiction Clemens published by Ape Entertainment, and writer of the current Image Comics series Sky Pirates of Neo Terra.
Like many of the best comic book writers, Josh has many other creative outlets for his tales, and has experience writing both novels and screenplays. His first novel, [...]

Sky Pirates of Neo Terra, is a new Image Comics series written by Josh Wagner with artwork by Camilla d’Errico. Sky Pirate of Neo Terra is based on the upcoming Nintendo DS/Wii game of the same name, and is set in Neo Terra, a world of forgotten technology and natural magic, where reckless young glide-wing [...]

Josh Wagner is a comic book writer, novelist, and film maker, who is probably best known for his popular creator-owned comic series, Fiction Clemens, and for his novel, The Adventures of the Imagination of Periphery Stowe.
Josh’s latest comic series is the five-issue Image Comics mini-series Sky Pirates of Neo Terra, with artwork by Camilla d’Errico. [...]

I recommended this release on the site yesterday, in this month’s edition of Revising the Pull List, or as it is unofficially known, ‘Hypergeek’s Pimp List’
Well, I was just sent over a press release from Image Comics, with some more information on the title, and a mini-interview with Josh Wagner. As this title [...]