Over the years, on Hypergeek, I’ve done my best to try and help promote small press, indie, and creator-owned titles. This is for a number of reason, but primarily because most of the comics that I read fall into these categories. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my DC and Marvel superhero books, but [...]

The Waking is an upcoming four-part miniseries from Zenoscope Entertainment. The series is written and created by Raven Gregory, hot off his incredibly successful six-issue miniseries, Escape from Wonderland, being the third and final miniseries in a trilogy that also included Return to Wonderland, and Beyond Wonderland. Known collectively as the Wonderland trilogy, the series [...]

Turbulence is a new comic book series from small press publisher, Ronin Studios. The series is written by Chris Garrett and has artwork by Marilin Vans. Turbulence is a superhero oriented series, which is actually quite rare for a small press title, as they tend to shy away from the territory of the big two. [...]