Robot 13: Colussus Now Available for iPhone, Courtesy of Robot Comics


The robot hero driven to protect us from mythic monsters has arrived!

The critically-acclaimed series Robot 13: Colossus! was released on the iTunes marketplace by Robot Comics on January 13th, and will be released for Android devices in late January, with other platforms soon to follow.

The series marks the debut of the latest upgrade of iRobot Comic Viewer for iPhone, which incorporates frame-by-frame animation, vibration, transition effects, and more to create a new breed of comic! The mobile version of Robot 13 offers an unique comic reading experience that will delight new readers and fans of the series alike.

“After the reading through the issue, it definitely has its own unique tone (again, in both in the art and story) and narrative pacing that make it feel like a very different — and very good — series. I was really impressed with it, and this is certainly one to keep an eye on.” -MTV Splash Page

“Simply put, you need Robot 13 in your hands, and the guy you buy your comics from needs it in his (or her) store. Trust me, neither of you will regret the decision.” -Eat. Sleep. Geek.


In 1939, something was pulled up from the ocean depths off the coast of Spain; what it was and where it originated from were a mystery to the fishermen who found it, but all the surviving members of that crew agree on one thing~ whatever it was, it saved their lives. Robot 13 tells the odyssey of the hero who awoke from the ocean floor that day as it looks for answers to who he really is….

A comic by Thomas Hall with art by Daniel Bradford.


Robot 13: Colossus! is available as a free download for iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Click on the button below to open Robot 13: Colossus! standalone app on the iTunes App Store.  Requires iTunes to be installed on your device.

iTunes button

The Android version will be released in late January.


The following preview is not representative of the experience of reading the comic in a mobile.


You can also catch the YouTube trailer showcasing the free first chapter!

About Robot Comics

Robot Comics publishes mobile comics for hand-helds such as Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, Google’s Android mobiles, Nintendo DSi and Amazon’s Kindle. It is one of first and few mobile comic publishers who offer titles specifically designed and formatted to be read on e-devices. For more information contact: [email protected]

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