Robot Comics Bring Bear Beater Bunyan to the iPhone and Andoid Mobiles


Bear Beater Bunyan: More Content, Same Price

What is BEAR BEATER BUNYAN??? (Besides a super-catchy title, that is…)

It’s a brand new series now on Android and the iTunes marketplace, published by Robot Comics and it is one of the most all-out action-packed comic extravaganzas you’ll ever read pitting one upstart young bear wrestler against The Four Great Bears!  And each issue is packed with twice the content as in its original mobile release!

Think giant mecha manga, or Godzilla clashing with other titanic beasties, only replace all of that with a dwarf-sized kid wrestler and four giant-sized bears – then you’ve got Bear Beater Bunyan by writer Josh Hechinger (Comic Book Tattoo, The Grave Doug Freshley) and artist Jorge F. Muñoz.

“Crazy fun! Josh and Jorge spin [Bear Beater Bunyan] firmly in a world of action and comedy. Bunyan Paulson is a character taking the wrestling sport to new heights — and we’re happy to follow.”-Jimmie Robinson (Bomb Queen)

Josh Hechinger & Jorge Muñoz’s [Bear Beater Bunyan] is a energetic take on pro wrestling, mixed with popular manga motifs and done with strong cartooning. So far very well done, and much better dynamics than in most print comics, let alone online ones. –Steven Grant (Punisher, X, Badlands, Permanent Damage)

“Yon Kuma” Becomes “Bear Beater Bunyan”

Bear Beater Bunyan was originally released as “Yon Kuma“.  Bear Beater Bunyan is now comprised of 4 double-sized installments packed with extras!  The first installment is free both for Android and iPhone/iPod touch, with subsequent chapters priced $0.99 apiece (*).

(*) Readers who bought the previous edition won’t be charged again.


Bear Beater Bunyan chapters will each come with two new Bear Beater Bunyan “Strips” - short satirical crayon-drawn moments featuring the characters within the chapter in question.  Additionally, the Bear Beater Bunyan app will come with the “Rules” of Bear Wresting, revealing for the very first time what the world has always wanted to know – the code of conduct when wrestling giant intelligent god-like bears.

Plus more to be added in the near future (ah, the joys of digital comics that will update themselves for free)!


Driven by a tragic back-story involving ice-cream, twelve-year-old Bunyan Paulson quests to defeat the Yon Kuma, the Four Great Bears a wrestler has to beat in order to become the greatest. Yes, Bear Beater Bunyan is basically an excuse to write and draw drawn-out fight scenes involving a kid beating the tar out of huge bears. A comic written by Josh Hechinger and drawn by Jorge F. Muñoz, published for mobiles by Robot Comics.


Bear Beater Bunyan is available for download as a standalone app on:

iPhone/iPod touch

Click on the button below to open Bear Beater Bunyan on the iTunes App Store. Requires iTunes.

iTunes button


Bear Beater Bunyan #1 is available for free in the Android Market. Scan the QR code below with your Android to receive its url.

Alternatively, search “Bear Beater Bunyan” on the Market.


Additional Preview Screenshots

iPhone app Index Screen

iPhone app Extras Screen

About Robot Comics

Robot Comics publishes mobile comics for hand-helds such as Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, Google’s Android mobiles, Nintendo DSi and Amazon’s Kindle. It is one of first and few mobile comic publishers who offer titles specifically designed and formatted to be read on e-devices. For more information contact: [email protected]

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